• German spy chief passed info to AfD: report
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https://www.dw.com/en/german-spy-chief-passed-info-to-afd-report/a-45472180 The relationship between Germany's domestic spy chief, Hans-Georg Maassen, and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) came under renewed scrutiny on Thursday, when it was revealed that the head of the domestic intelligence service, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), had passed on information from his yearly report to the far-right populist party ahead of its publication. AfD Bundestag member Stephan Brandner confirmed to public broadcaster ARD that Maassen had given him "numbers from the report" at a personal meeting on June 13, five weeks before it was released. "We talked about different figures that are in there," Brandner told ARD, including the number of Islamist extremists in the country. The BfV is tasked with tracking extremist groups inside Germany and determining whether they represent a danger, and brings out a report on its findings every summer. This is the same one who previously questioned the authenticity of the Chemnitz videos showing people chase others assumed migrants. Considering it's now clear he gives the far-right preferential treatment, we have a considerable mess on our hands here. Hopefully there's going to be some clean-up, but I don't exactly expect it to be very thorough.
That's some pretty traitorous shit. If he can be held criminally liable, it should be done.
There's also a TV interview (with the same AfD politician) saying he shared info about the BfV's budget and some of its inner workings. That's not even early release of figures, since in Germany that information is considered 'secret'. The politician is very much not supposed to get this information. I didn't put it in the OP since there's no English-language source on it yet, and I'm not good enough at translation to provide one, but here's the German video material in question: https://twitter.com/ARDKontraste/status/1040313626261970945
Here's a rough translation What did constitution protection president Maaßen talk about with the AfD-delegate Stephan Brandner? "We talked about the BfV report of 2017, I believe it wasn't publicized at the time, it was available (to members of parliament) but it wasn't public. We talked about some of the numbers in the report and the question of the organization in the agency and resources, stuff like that." Controversial: The organization of the BfV is classified as secret. That's the second-highest level of confidentiality. It's actually only discussed in the secretely meeting trust gremium. The AfD is not represented in this trust gremium - their candidate didn't gain the necessary votes. Now Brandner explains via t-online.de: "Contrary to what I said to KONTRASTE yesterday, we did not talk about the agency's organization" So did Brandner say it just because? - Not likely, because KONTRASTE asked about it thrice. "So you talked about the BfV report, what else did you talk about?" - "I already explained twice what we talked about, we talked about the organization of the BfV, the staffing, if it's at a level where he can manage and the state of financial resources, I'm now saying that for the third time. I don't know, aren't you listening to me?"
It's pretty clear he has no idea into how much of an issue Maaßen's behaviour was. And that the reporter immediately realised and wanted to get it super on record
He gave them info they weren't supposed to have, and discussed confidential information regarding Germany's federal spy agency to someone not authorized to know. It's a little bit more complicated than "they showed him something his party could see already".
Maaßen isn't in hot water for talking about the BfV's yearly report, he's in hot water for talking about the BfV's internal affairs with someone not authorized to hear that information. The AfD is not represented in the trust gremium, who are the only people ever allowed to know about the state of the BfV's finances, staffing and equipment. Even if he just complained that there's not enough janitors to keep the toilets clean, that information is secret because leaking it damages the BfV's credibility and makes it vulnerable to attack both from internal and external sources. You can be on the fence about Maaßen giving the AfD preferential treatment over the whole migration crisis thing but he swore an oath to do his job and part of that job was keeping internal affairs secret and he now fucked it proper. If you thought people wanted him gone for talking about the report, you can imagine how much people want him gone now.
I definitely wouldn't say that he should be held criminally liable, but he should definitely lose his job.
For anyone still interested in this Google his PhD thesis on wich he talked about 'uncontrolled mass immigration ' in 1997
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