• Russian spies detained in The Hague were planning cyber break-in at Swiss lab
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Russian spies detained in The Hague were planning cyber break Related to this Somebody put Russia on a leash.
Russia seems to just be on the a war-path right now Or have they always been like this?
So when are we invading Russia
Russia keeps getting devastated by Dutch intelligence lol https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/01/26/dutch-media-reveal-country-to-be-secret-u-s-ally-in-war-against-russian-hackers/
The problem is that the current Russian leaders are stuck in the old soviet mindset of "Everyone, both inside and outside of the Russian government, is a threat to destabilizing it." and so they'll do their damnedest to screw up anyone who is in the way of Russia's interests, even if they could just as easily do it diplomatically. Currently this means nations of the EU, NATO, and the US
THe answer is: We don't. Not until the Soviet mindset still infesting their government fizzles out. We basically have to hold them at arm's length for the next 40 or 50 years until all of the soviets in Russian politics die and/or retire, only when Russians who grew up outside of the Soviet Union start getting into positions of power do we even have a slight chance of any sort of diplomacy.
It's not really a Soviet mindset that's causing this. It's widespread corruption. Everyone with a modicum of power in Russia has dirt on other people with power. So-called 'kompromat'. This is also why Trump never says a bad word about Russians. He dealt with shady Russians, and now he lives his life in fear of the kompromat. This is what keeps everyone in line. It's a Jenga tower of corruption. A genuine Mafia state of organized crime where laws exist to be broken, as long as are rich and have kompromat on the guys who are supposed to call you out on your illegal shit.
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