• The arrow does too much damage
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I think the weapons that do not need a work bench to craft should do way less damage. Example -a semi automatic needs sooo much stuff to make (I am including the tier 1 & 2 bench, 2 blueprints (gun & ammo), stuff to make ammo and gun. The guns except shotgun feel a little useless for the time involved to make one.
god forbid there actually be a semi-viable option for the people who don't have gun BPs?!?
a lot of people have been asking to buff bows... that's funny
I've got to disagree with you, I believe the higher end guns should be advantageous to use, but not in so much in damage. Having a semi auto gun that is accurate, has long range, a large clip size, etc should be more than enough to easily outclass any smaller weapon such as the bow/revolver. Personally i think those low tier guns need a buff to damage to level out the playing field a bit more.
Leave my bow alone. unless you plan of giving it a slight buff. that would be much appreciated.
The bow is the most important weapon in the game, now you howl around that the bow does too much damage, but then when a bear attacks you and you need 20 shots with the bow you cry around again. It is important that there is a non-tier weapon with which you have the possibility to disarm a guy with semi or other.
more buffs bow muhahha
In my opinion, the weapons are all okay with the damage. I think the shooting range is too high for all weapons. It can not be that with a pistol or semi I can shoot over half the map from mountain to mountain. They should reduce the range of fire for all automatic weapons. Then it's okay.
I'll acknowledge that arrows do a fair amount of damage, but they have two major offsets. The time it takes to draw and fire, and the increased difficulty to aim due to the arrows being affected by gravity. A bow and arrow in the hands of a skilled player can seem overpowered, but the same player with an actual gun would likely be even more terrifying than one might immediately realize. Additionally, given how it can sometimes take ten to twelve arrows to the head to kill a bear, I'd greatly fear any nerf to the arrows current damage. On a side note: Does anyone know if headshots are actually a thing when dealing with animals, 'cause it seems like the bears have really resilient skulls :p
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