• Chicken DLC
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A bird came flying and told me to write this here. First of all, it's soon Easter, and what wouldn't be cool if you could pickup Hen's "chickens" and build yourself a chicken house? -Add Rooster's "Very Very Rare Spawn points" can be picked up and carried and used with hen's to fertilize eggs. -Add eggs that can be fertilized and hatch "can also already be hatched with living tiny chick's in the nest" you can find random hen nest's in the woods that has eggs/chicks in them, the eggs can be cooked or eaten raw, eating them raw can trigger food poisoning or salmonella.. the eggs can also be picked up and thrown exp: on your enoying neighbour. Also last. -Add Chicken arrows, show in this video from the movie Hotshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln51XDTULh0 jk no seriously, wouldnt it be cool to have something special on easter, just imagine stumble upon a hen with tiny yellow chicks running after mama ^_^
Animal husbandry would be interesting to see, especially with plans for riding animals in the future. I'd actually like to see raising chickens for eggs and other utility creatures. Who doesn't want to armor up a battle-wolf to protect your base when you're offline...?
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