• An Open Letter
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I love this game. That's not sarcastic. Rust is easily one of the best games I have ever played. It's increddibly addictive, fun, and beautiful. That is why it breaks my heart to say that I am going to be putting it down. And I know, booo hoo, another "I'm quitting post". And it is, sort of. I'm taking an extended and indefinite leave from playing. I've battle zergs, helis, bradleys, and offlined cheaters. I've been the naked screaming "reeeeee" and "what a waste of ammo" at the ak'd zergs that swarm on wipe day. I've cried about dying to cheaters and rushed to their bases when they are banned to see what juicy loot was inside. But now, with the state of officials, it's too much. I cannot continue to play this game and gain enjoyment from it with the sheer number of cheaters. I'm not really talking about the crazy aimbotters who wipe entire groups, i'm talking more about the groups that use cheaters to feed them. Those players rarely get banned. I've hit f7, i've tweeted, i've dm'd, but nothing. I will return when I see harsh action taken against those who play with cheaters. I will return, because I know that Facepunch, the devs, the admins, and most of the players want to see this game really shine, rather than be covered in the slimey oozy cheater juice it has currently succumbed to. Here is a lovely screenshot from tonight's exploits if anyone's interested in seeing some stellar, totally legit, thompson play ;). https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110878/3836b820-53ff-4217-95ca-6a42e04f2271/unknown.png
Why dont you run your own server ?
Wouldn't know where to get started and that would diminish the joy of playing as I would never want to interfere with my own players doing their thing.
If I ran my own server i'd have to run a queue fee, and a vip perk for supporters. servers's arn't free, and requiring DDOS protection only ups the cost.
You have got to be kidding, DDOS protection is inbuilt with the server host, I dont mean running one from your own pc/server setup, i mean buying one from a server host which costs about $50Au a month for a smaller one, Anyway it was/is just an idea and depends on how much you like the game run the way you want it
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