• Server naming conventions...to get more players
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My usual server died. I want to join a new server. How hard is it for a server owner to to have in the title etc Wipe length ie weekly or monthly Last Wipe date Next BP/Map Wipe date I ask this as i dont want to start a new server if everyones been playing for 2 weeks with AKs, armoured bases etc. I also prefer monthly servers so dont want to start on wednesday then lose the base on friday morning wipe. Otherwise i have to use a third party web page to try and find the information. Sometimes its just a name like Aus Rust! with no other info. Come on guys if you want to stand out for new players can you put in more info in the title etc?
As a server admin, it's hard to fit all that into the server title. Some servers put it in the description. It's what I personally might start putting it in the description.
Unless its actually in the title most servers i have been on wipe monthly (forced wipe) , There will probably be exceptions but its all up to the server owner, The server i play on has all the info in the title and in the description but players still ask "is this a creative server" or "can i fly" even though the server description says NOT creative , You are probably the exception and actually read the info and welcome message, most skip it ,
Don't stress about your server dying. I think when a server dies it just respawns at a sleeping bag or back on the beach.....
Hey lads sorry if i came over as a bit agro in the OP. I think it would be helpful for new players to a server if it went something like this: Name, Monthly 6/6/2018, 5/7/2018. Would assist new people sorting server prefernces. Am suprised that the launcher is so basic actually
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