• Suggestion on the flare
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That night stick/flare should work under water. I assumed it did and was disappointed when I was going diving at night time to find out it doest work. Don't flares contain magnesium? Magnesium fires are some of the hardest fires to put out., I think you don't even use water to put out class D fire. It would also make a great weapon in rust as it would burn through metal roofs and metal chestplates. brb I need my milk bottle lol
Yeah a lot of things don't work like they should in real life. If I jump of a mountain and break my legs I just lay there until the crows eat me ... Oh and no worries there is your bottle
Flares have been pretty pointless for years now, Did you try the torch or weapon flashlight ? . I am still trying to find the rest of the diving equipment so have not experimented with it yet.
Would be quite cool if we could hold the flares while lit in our hands... Yano *cough* DayZ *cough*
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