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If someone is using scripts for the guitar, can they get banned for that and why?
as of recently any kind of script is forbidden. (as far as I know)
yes, how it should be. If you can make scripts for playing songs on the guitar, you're a small step away to make scripts to shoot and aim down with 1 click, whats not allowed
According to a recent enough video (3 weeks) This guy has made something to emulate Rust music with the guitar, and according to him he's asked EAC and they've got back to him saying it's not bannable. https://www.reddit.com/r/playrust/comments/8bg96x/guitar_scripts_confirmed_ok_to_use_anybody_know/
You'd risk your account like that, hoping the next guy at eac, and the next, will be as understanding as this one?
Why don't they just make the guitar use keys instead of awkward mouse movements?
I'm pretty sure it was intended solely as a trolling tool. I'm very happy people are genuinely trying to make it musical. Heard rumor of a wind instrument being added too. The entire interface could be made a lot more musical, would gladly welcome it. I enjoy finding and skinning guitars and leaving them in small boxes on the road along with boonie hats and t-shirts.
Why should someone be able to play the guitar better than me by using scripts - that's an unfair advantage!!
The guitar is retarded anyway! Survival game fighting off the other scavenging hordes, running from bears, making clothes, finding useful tools, guns, and gear... Running from Scientists, or Choppers, fending off Radiation..... ~Hey joe i found a guitar, let me sit down a spell and play some Over the Hill and Far Away by Led Zeppelin!
I love the guitar... Want to piss someone off? Sneak up on a base at night, like 3 people, hide in 3 different spots, play the guitar together like maniacs, possibly sing badly, profit. I just like seeing our targets opening the door and mindlessly shooting everywhere and cursing the shit out of our lives until they log off. Then we raid them :') Worked 5 out of 8 times
i will only care about the lame guitar when i can swing it at people
I agree. You should be able to beat people over the head with it. I can't wait for the sound effect of a breaking guitar over a head lol
kaabooonnngggg lmaaoo i hope we get this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKCIFXqhLzo We're asking the wrong things, we need this in the game then!
LOL. They were banned from our stadiums. XD Made it into the game Crossout tho!
The guitar mechanic might be fine as it is IF they make it work like a guitar.. with frets. The note pitch should be quantised, and as far as I noticed it is not, it plays like a fretless instrument.
Yup, its a troll tool
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