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Can't stand the team update. The one thing I've loved about Rust over all other FPS type games, is there's really no names floating above people's heads, until you're right up on them. Now, if you're in a team, everyone shows bright green with a dot, which you can see through walls. If you're not on the team, you still see a grey dot floating above someone's head, which ruins sneaking in the dark or hiding in a bush. Even if you can opt to turn off nametags, they will still have them. So many times, I'm able to sneak in on people because they think I'm a teammate around a corner. Now if they don't see floating green names, there's no question. Unfortunately, for me this is game breaking. I hope they decide to get rid of it.
Why no optimizations? I literally can't play Rust anymore although I could a few months before.
See now facepunch, all you have to do is make a need to use roof blocks and add randomly selected model variations when building, and player bases would look (in texture and detail, not shape) more like this which is what they should look like.  https://files.facepunch.com/damian/1b0511b1/bandit_town_1.jpg and not like this ugly flat shit square https://gyazo.com/e7fddf8968138b78a795797add72c65a Now, I'm fine with a team system as long as it's tied to outfits. There would be no "team menu" to create a team and invite people or kick people. Instead, when a person creates clothing items (not armor) from a specific workbench, that workbench applies a "team tag" to it. anyone wearing a clothing item (Not armor) with the same "team tag", will be highlighted to each other, taking distance and line of sight into account. (Mixing clothes with different team tags wouldn't show either team.) Yes, this means that if you are killed and your clothes are taken, a person could use them to see where you are. BUT it would be two way and as long as you know the location of your friends, it shouldn't be too hard to decern whether or not someone is an imposter. (The highlight would disapear when you loggout) Plus, this allows for some sneaky infiltration of big clans that can't possibly know where everyone is at all times. If you don't want to take the risk of your enemy having your uniform, there are a few things you can do. A.) you can erase a team tag from all clothing items that have it by pushing a button in the workbench that made them. B.) you can change a team tag by taking a clothing item to a workbench and pushing a button to update its tag to that workbenches tag. In regards to how the highlight would work, that's up to you, the devs. But I think that an outline, (much like the outline of items on the ground) would be shown at far distances, but not through line of sight blockers. (terrain, trees, buildings, etc) At medium distances, you could see their names, and at close distances, the highlight would be dimmer, but their name would be brighter and visible through line of sight blockers.
I am a solo player and I used to mix up with a forign team and it gived me an opportunity to kill 1 or 2 person because of not inctant communication in their group, but i still have no objection about this system, but PLEASE do the points above teammates a bit smaller (smaller than interaction aimpoint) and translucent. Just to save an atmosphere and native simple interface of RUST sorry for my English
A lot of gaming moments are lost! I'm sad.
[sad Shrek face] but at least we got the team system pfft lol
I'm all for balancing this game > New items, it needs a lot of work. Not sure how often the rad pills are used to optimize the world item for them, maybe remove the ability to remove rads via water, and have the item stack (Possible useful for the main launch tower?), Otherwise, I find them piratically useless. Tried diving, finally. The small creates take way too long to untie, espesh when you don't have that much air to play around with. And to get all the items for a full diving suit is a pain also, vice versa when you're not looking for them, as getting your 4th - 5th set of goggles in a box is pretty upsetting. Possible make the materials grind-able? Or better yet, make the diving suit a one piece suit, like the rad suit. Also, make online raiding easier. The "Raid Blocked" idea is great. If an explosive is used on a structure, where the player has building privilege, have it block them for at least a minute or two (or more), before being able to build, upgrade, or place a door during that time, while having the ability to still deploy objects. Reason being, Everyone hates being offline, if you're raided online, win or lose, you still ponder how you could have done things better. It would be nice to encourage more onlining, if there was a little less risk, like there is with offlining. Majority of the time, it's only the larger groups who are the ones who can online, due to share numbers. The player(s) should have had the opportunity to reinforced/fortify their base as much as they can before an explosive goes off. Rather than hearing upgrading and extra doors placing as soon as you as it happens. My thoughts anyway! Possible good, or completely shit. Thanks for the update Devs!
Holy shit thank you for fixing the forceSingleInstance thing
_________________New recoil helps unfair players___________________ and one more thing about a recoil pattern. Constant pattern just aggravate macros problem instead of fixing it. constant pattern helps unfair shooters dominate players without any soft. There is a lot of unfair players of ofoical servers (<200 hours player shoots 30 AK rounds in a single point) and fair players just can't kill them because its too difficult to control burst in a stress situation and you can do a wrong move because of lags or any other reasons but unfair players can't do a mistake because of constant recoil pattern that fully compensated by a program on theit PC. old vertical recoil + growing effect of spreading bullets around aimpoint while shooting + LazyAim aiming system = perfect shooting system for RUST
Let me start off by saying I am a noob at Rust, with only 13 hours into the game, but I enjoy it nonetheless and wanted to set up an account here to reply to this post. That out of the way, I wanna give my thoughts on the new team system, despite my lack of experience, it doesn't hurt to have something looked at by fresh eyes, right? The other day I was playing Rust on a very populated server (about 200 people online) and the sociable person I am, I began recruiting other naked players to join me in my quest to find a nice place to build and thrive together. Obviously, it wasn't always say easy, or demise usually ending in getting mixed up with who is who, and someone killing us. I specifically recall a group of us running up to another naked and trying to recruit him, he began to attack and only after a second of looking away, I didn't know which was the offender, or who to attack, I assume others in the group felt were in the same boat. Some might say that chaos is part of what is good, being able to confuse and trick your enemies, maybe being able to pretend to be a friend while also sneaking into areas you shouldn't be in. I understand the love for that kind of gameplay, it's something that sets the game apart, but it also causes dumb things like jump checks and 3rd party software to be part of the meta. (bleh) I like the idea of being able to know who is who, AT LEAST at close range, because I feel in "real life" you usually know who is who without running close to them and squinting at the words above their head. Sure, maybe after a certain distance their green name can disappear, and they don't even show on the map, and they can even cut the idea of being able to see if someone is alive or online, none of that is needed as much as the ability to quickly tell who is right next to you when the shit hits the fan. This update came out two days after me thinking to myself how nice a system this would be, so maybe that plus the fact that I am not as experienced as most players might degrade some of my points, but I wanted to share anyways. TL;DR I like it the team system and what it can do, though it should/could be tweaked, and obviously made an optional feature in custom servers.
If a group of players ran up to me I would attempt to kill them all, From my experience its better to be safe than sorry. I play solo/duo and know who my team mate is, I regard all other players as enemies until proven friendly, When i first started playing this game I got killed by so many "hi I am friendly" players I lost count, I dont want a "flag" over my head to tell players that I am hidden out of sight of them, WTF. How much easier do you want to make it ? You got twig raiding which means you can ignore high walls and access rooftops and windows. You want them to make doors and walls disappear so you dont have to do anything.
Team-system I love the idea of distinguishing my teammates but I think green and blue circles and tags around them are not original has Rust is, and I'm quite disappointed because I understand comments like this: If you're not on the team, you still see a grey dot floating above someone's head, which ruins sneaking in the dark or hiding in a bush. Even if you can opt to turn off name-tags, they will still have them. So many times, I'm able to sneak in on people because they think I'm a teammate around a corner. Now if they don't see floating green names, there's no question. But at the same time I love the idea of not team-kill my mates while I'm in a PVP situation and can't really really on delayed info from discord or teamspeak. I think that seeing my mates beyond walls it's to absurd and it's not a Rust original concept, but something like while your in a certain distance, and while aiming at the person it shows the tag, it's a simpler temporarily solution and needs to be figure out by another way. Another think I saw was this: when a person creates clothing items (not armor) from a specific workbench, that workbench applies a "team tag" to it. I love the idea of when crafting items (cloth) it applies a team-tag (chosen by the player crafting?) Can be an idea, instead of just using a shitty menu like tab and E to do that. Building-system I love the comment that someone has done about building and I think Rust has a unique building system that I just fell in love it from the first time I saw it but there is a point that I needs to be re-written and I think you need to expand the items you can build and the textures/view it will bring. If you compare this image to the actual wood wall that we have that's not the same, and u need to let us rotate floors and walls so we can do a pattern like you can easily see in this (horizontal and vertical wooden patterns, if you don't understand what I was trying to say): https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/114047/d82d2ecf-a345-4e61-bbd4-799fede13588/bandit_town_1.jpg And I really love the idea of having like a dock to put my boat, like we can see in the harbor (maybe you can use the modal already created to dock boats on harbors!? And I would be awesome as It would improve how you can dock your boat, even on the harbor monument maybe? It's a thing that you really need to figure out and this it's just my dumb ideas floating. Optimizations Everyone like a game that doesn't "crash" in a shitty PC, like mine, and that you can smoothly rotate your camera without lag or graphic like crash's while loading terrain, monuments or bases, but I can't really say anything has your the ones that can fix that and have to try using new systems to do what you need to do. But beside that I have a shitty opinion about this subject and I don't know if It still in game: Do we still load water on all map? Even if we don't see any? Some time ago I notice that water was being loading under that terrain and I think (I have no clue or performance log to support that) that water It's one of the worst things in Rust because for me at least It's ugly as fck, even if I have medium graphic options. And do we really need to load water underneath us? (If that still happens, that needs to be fixed asp). Water Crates Like someone said, and I will put it on points: The small creates take way too long to untie True It's stupid the amount of time you spent untying small crates that have shitty loot, and then the oxygen runs out and you get fcked up. Getting your 4th - 5th set of goggles in a box is pretty upsetting True I didn't find a diving tank for about 5 days in a row, when I found one, I start finding then while diving. Whats the logic o that? Being a alone-wolf diving sucks True Imagine your alone diving, you need to untie the box's, go up, pick the loot, and do that again until you have what you need, or you have a full inventory. Imagine you have a friend, you untie, the friend picks them up, ez peasy, that's unfair really... alone-wolfs diving sucks. Maybe you can let people untie the box and then choosing if u want just to loot, or to let them float? It could help solo's diving. Personal Opinion For me Rust it's like a Real Life game, and I love how the game is, and beside what I said above, I love the game has it is in this currently state, but you could be better, like you manage to create a game that really feels real life but it's virtual, and now your just fleeing away from your original ideas and I'm quiet sad about that. In some games (not doing publicity about another games) have a compass when you click on a keyboard key. I love that, it's a in game item (cold be like the map, that we now born with mysteriously and I'm glad for that) and it would be like a real compass instead of just numbers on top of the screen. Sorry for my bad English but this is not my main language and I'm not pro like you can easily see.
Yeah, we ran up to these people announcing friendship, and there was a while of conversation before the attack, but you are right, a smiling face is the most dangerous, no doubt. I guess this update just helps the process of making friends in game, which I am happy for, but I will see if in late game if it causes a problem more than solves one.
This is amazing. Jump checking was not only annoying, but didn't make any sense & looked really dumb. The team mechanic is great and I'm only a trio player, very grateful for this. If some of these people don't like it, they can join a server with it toggled off.
Turning it off only disables it to you so others can see if you don't have a green ball around them and shooting them on side. So that brings some gameplay change to Rust has it will be move difficult to do the named "plays" where they think your a teammate and you have the opportunity of killing them from close with like a double barrel.
Can you make the game more objective? I allways get tired after building my house. As a solo player i think the game gets boring when it starts to be expensive to make some itens playng alone. I think that could be cool if you add like experience stuff to get an item or resources.
the only complaints i have are that maybe the dots should get really small when aiming, and that you can focus on a team member by clicking on there name in the map.
No, no no no no no. deployable tower? whats next, deployable base? 10*10*5 blocks AND 20 turrets? Rust is supposed to be difficult, and that means telling friend from foe also.
How to disable the team system at the server?)
How to disable the compass on the server side?
I don't agree with the Team System at all. Rust has always been one of the more hardcore survival games. Solo players and small groups could take advantage of big groups with bad communication, you can see examples of this in YouTube videos or just by playing yourself. Not possible with this new system, you are basically just hand-holding for zergs and making it even easier. Not only is there a green dot above their heads, but this can be seen THROUGH terrain such as hills/rocks etc. And also can be seen on the map too. Way too overpowered, why does the game need this? Who will this help other than zergs? It gives the team a lot more information than other players can get, and is basically just copying PUBG with it's compass and group system. We should wake up on the beach with a rock and torch and that's it. No compass or in-built tracking system as well. Please, stop catering to large groups. 8 people playing together is a zerg, and you just made it even easier for them now. PLEASE, reconsider, before you drive away people who have no interest in playing in a zerg or group. I already moved to play on modded servers now due to the scrap grind. You said in a Devblog before that one of the things players liked to do was server hopping. With the scrap system as it stands you can't do that anymore either,. you have to dedicate to 1 server and if you want to move, you have to start all over again, grinding another 600 scrap for another T2 Workbench and finding all the BPs again. And the building upkeep system now prevents interesting and varied structures being built. Used to see huge hotels and other crazy things. Now it's just a scattering of s**t shacks and 2x2s. Love a lot of things you done with the game, boats and new monuments work for example, but the actual gameplay seems to just be going downhill fast for me.
I'm a new player for Rust and I've read all the comments for this thread. There are really some mixed feeling about this patch and how the game is changing. I don't think that the team system is really that bad... It can be improved to be more cohesive without too much information for the team. (not displaying the dots on the map). This would resolve the issue like people said getting a gank from within the confusion of being in a team. The deployable tower seems something that gets too easy. Instead you could update the upkeep system to be more reasonable and enable folks to build bigger bases without spending a lot of resources daily for it. The compass is not worthy. In my opinion, the map should be a discovery. A new player should never be able to see all the map. I know that there are some sites that even can show me the map, they would be disabled with this change. But this would mean that to know the entire server map you need to walk around the entire map at some point. And considering the discovery map we could add an annotation system for the map to enable 'saving' base locations to remember in a later date.
We now have upkeep and scrap system you want to add discovering the map to that list to? That's really something like AgeOfEmpires and has It happened to AOG, it died. Most players of that game filter the games that you need to explore or even rankeds. Compass... everyone it's just saying bad about it, i don't think it's that bad, if you have read my post, you can see that I was talking about a real compass, like you click on a key, it opens a round circle with numbers and a pointer... that would be cool right? The rust had a functionality to draw on the map, but because you now born with a map it was removed (this was sad). The team system can be improved, and one of the things I would remove its that green dot and seeing them beind walls (do we have x-ray or whatever?), but you could do somethink like friendly fire, that reduces the damage you take if your in a team, and remain the normal use of cloths to identify our friends. Rust its not a game like csgo, that you have a map, and blue colors, red colors... blabla, it's a game of plays and this update just say "kill plays"
Love the team system !! It was worth doing a post about it
Honestly don't understand how anyone can complain about this update. In my opinion it does nothing but improve the game by cutting down on some frustrating moments, and even if you don't like it there are still going to be a bunch of servers that disable it anyway, so really what is there to complain about?
Hi Someone can help me? Since I made the last update i can't play on official servers.. I enter in queue and i waiting for 10-20 person and i get time out.. Three friends in my team have this problem.. some help?
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