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I don't understand why are you trying to make this game everytime easier. The beauty of the game is how hard, and how risky everything is. You are making calls easier, with that disgusting compass system, you are making teamwork easier, what's next? Aim-assist? Rewards every 24hs?. I'm agree that you must use an external voice chat, because Rust's voice chat is disgusting and communication's hard, but adding giant green dots to the screen is just disgusting. What i like the most of the game, is how "real" sometimes it is. If your communication and teamwork skills are bad, go practice, this is not Fortnite.
Fuggin brilliant! Good work and thank you so much for all the continued work. I love that Rust is ever-evolving; it's like a fresh new game each time I play. Yay!
Not true. You guys need to start seeing past all the "zergs gittin buffed ZOMG!!! TROLOLO!!!" hype... This system also benefits the solo players (note how I made that plural). Solo players, or just randoms or neighbors can now team up as well, vs those "well established" zergs. Think about it this way - all zergs, who are in an official clan, and who have been playing together for a while are all on the same Discord (or other 3rd party voice comm), and have a very well established communication system and team cohesion. Random solo's or duo's who sometimes team up, had no chance vs such zergs, as most of those randoms were not in the same discord (lack of trust to people you just met, or just met a day ago) - before the Team UI update. They had no chance as almost all the time chaos and friendly fire would ensue when a random group (read = not a clan in same Discord) would encounter an organized clan. Now at least teaming up with randoms gives you a better chance vs the organized zergs (clans) - as you at least will not have friendly fire (or much much less of it). You still lack voice comms (unless you took the time to invite said randoms to your dicord), but at least you can tell apart your own "friendlies" vs the clan you ran up on. Also organizing random raids (vs roofcampers threatning and controlling a specific area of the map - just as an example) has become much easier. By the "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" principle - you can throw a bunch of invites to randoms who are sick of being harrased, and now you have an (up to) 8-man force vs those pesky roofcampers. No more chaos and friendly fire while trying to get randoms to work for a common goal. Rust is about survial. Survival at any means - even by "socializing" with other players...and organizing randoms vs a bigger organized zerg force. You can now truly aspire to be a leader and organize people easier (without having to alt-tab and give out everyone your Discord info mid-fight).
"Are you aware that USMC (yes - marines) are now using "green dots" and better GPS/positioning tools to organize their units in combat? This is as real as it gets man... " Do you realize that marines, don't see through walls. This is not a futuristic game, even if the "technology" in the guns improves a lot by jumping from a bow to a rocket launcher, everything's kinda primitive. So..its unreal. Being objective and trying to understand your point, system's not bad to encourage solo players to "team up" with others random players/small groups to face up those zergs, even if that almost never happens in Rust. How? /Team up and have a small voice private chat you don't need dots everywhere making the game easier.
Sorry but I have no desire to "team up" with anyone. I like guerilla warfare and working as a solo or duo at most. If there is a roofcamper that everyone is sick of, why would you need the team system? The guy will be on his roof... and anyone that isn't on the roof is not him. It's not rocket science. To claim that this system BENEFITS solo players is absolutely laughable, I think you just get off on arguing with people, even if the argument is ridiculous. The most ridiculous part of your post was saying the team system is actually realistic, because USMC now use "green dots" LOLOLOLOLOL. I actually laughed out loud at this. You think the USMC actually uses a device to make their team have a green fot on them, which stays there even when they are behind a mountain/rock/object, giving practically X-Ray vision. I mean this is just the absolute limit of my patience for listening to you any more, what a crazy claim. "this is as real as it gets" LOL - only if you've smoked a joint and eaten a load of magic mushrooms mate!
Its not as straight forward sometimes. Especially if other people are attracted to the gunshots and a free-for-all potentially ensues with people on the ground and people on top of bases. Team system would at least facilitate some of the combat calling for you. So yes, its kind of "rocket science" - or really just common sense. It really does. You probably just cant see outside the box and are pigeonholed into thinking that if you play "solo" you can only play solo. There is more then one flavor of ice cream out there. And even "vanilla" flavor can differ from one manufacturer to another. TLDR = solo does not nesessarily mean you have to be alone all the time even if that hurts yourself. First I gave you a "bad reading" sign, but then I changed it to "dumb". Obviously I dont think that marines have x-ray vision, not literally. When you grow up a little - you will learn that you cannot take everything people say - at its literal meaning. All I was simply saying is that marines are improving/enchancing their combat capabilities. It hilarious that a little kid would try and twist those words. So we in Rust - too can do something like that. Obviously Rust is still a game, and we cant even hold objects in 2 separate hands (like a gun and a GPS locator for example - if you wanna get relisitc, or better - a helmet with a HUD display or a watch with a compass or a GPS). So no, Rust is obiously not fully realistic - and marines dont get x-ray vision, silly. But my point stands. Try to use your imagination a little and learn to see outside the box, kiddo. Same goes for you @iPressure - marines dont see green dots on their HUD display, but they are simply using better tools (drones for example) and better GPS positioning of every member, so that they too can see one another and communicate better. My entire comment/post was in regards to the idiots claiming that "OMG WHY U MAKING GAME SO EZZY?" I mean its not like Marines come up to their command and say "we dont need this drones and GPS crap - we are tough, we will just use walkie-talkies to communicate, we can hold our own in combat!". Marines take every opportunity they can get to be better in combat and to have superiority over their enemy. So will I do the same in Rust and I welcome the team system with open hands as a solo player. The rest of you can stay undergeared, under-develped and under-farmed with your "figurative" eye-blinds on, not being able to see outside the box . GL.
I have teamed up temporarily with others, as I stated in my post. Sometimes I will play as a duo, but that's the most I will go to. Most of the time if you do team up, especially with randoms, you end up having them attempt to betray you and take your stuff. Hence why I am usually solo. But that doesn't mean I am "underfarmed, under-geared and underdeveloped" as you put it - I am smart about what I do. I use small stashes in various locations, and shit-shacks and do not keep all my eggs in one basket. It's part of the fun. Go look at someone like hJune or Welyn on YouTube, you might be surprised at how effective a solo player can be. Telling solo players that this system will help them because they can team up easier now, is frankly just ludicrous. You can't compare marines and their advanced technology to a system that flashes up a green dot for all your team mates, and allows you to see them even behind mountains, terrain or any other object. When marines are in combat, and if they get split up, they need to be alert and look at uniform / clothes / callouts to know where their squad are. Small groups or solos could take advantage of a group with bad comms, but not possible now. I can see why they thought it would be a good idea and may help fresh spawns team up with eachother easier, but the reality is, you can't force a solo player into teaming up, and the system will just be abused by groups of 8 going round with green dots on their screen to help them. The system isn't necessary, skins and communication should be the team system, and yes, jump checks.
@captainrussia I understand your point, but you are not getting that IMO the game is based on PRIMITIVE stage, even tho we have rocket launchers, every other item is pretty rusty.. I'm not saying we are rough so we don't wanna improve the communication ways 'cuz we are super good at the game, but don't make a fucking GPS THAT SEE DOTS THROUGH WALL SYSTEMS THAT MAKES NO SENSE WHEN YOU ARE USING A FUCKING RUSTY AK. Do you wanna help that people? Add the Team UI, it's perfect. Just don't give people information that they can have withouth it, and they won't be able to have 'cuz of the techonlogy of the era that game is based in, thats what i'm trying to mean.
well, all of this is very subjective. We have laser sights on guns, and automated turrets with optics and computers built into them (like in RL thats the highest technology right now in S.Korea). LR-200 and medical suringes (stim packs) are pretty advanced, so are landmines, none of them are rusty. We're also supposed to be getting electricity sometime in the future too. Like I've said, its all subjective and depends on which way you look at it. I think we start primitive - but then we are able to advance pretty high...
Hmmmm... Maybe make stone walls into bricks, so that bricks have to be made with use of a furnace...? And instead of stone introduce clay, also used for small furnaces instead of low grade fuel. This would be fun.
Team UI is pretty powerful and game changing, and the decision to keep it in should be weighed heavily by facepunch. It changes the game pretty heavily. On the first day of wipe I forced a person into being my slave and he joined the team. Very quickly afterwards he tried to sell me out to people with gear sets and revolvers, but me and my buddy got away. Later we see him on the map near by so roll over there to check it out. Checking it out leads us to 5 of the revolver geared guys and we kill them all with bows and get a massive come up. We never would had ganked them if it wasn't for team UI. The slave didn't realize we were tracking him with team UI so they come in a wave twice at as and we were ready both times because of the green dot heading for us. In the same vain he could had told them if we were in base or not to convince them to zerg raid us while we were away from base, and be absolutely certain we weren't in the base. On a battlefield server I spawned right behind a group of 4 roaming. Usually in this instance you can run with them like you belong, maybe join them by blending in, or in as I planned to time a good gank and wipe them. Before I get the chance one alt looking sees I don't have a green dot and starts calling out in voice chat they are being followed. Yesterday I got raided by a zerg. Defending against them was so much harder because there was no ambiguity for them as to who was friendly and who wasn't. It was noticably harder to hold a breach in side the walls of a large compound against them because anyone with out a dot is going to be shot. What can be done to improve the team ui? Its a hard question. I think that if it appeared over your head when you crouch or jump instead of all the time would be a huge improvement. It keeps jump checking to some degree but keeps it less ambiguous. Only appearing when you aim at them would be another improvement. Having a shorter range would defeat the purpose. The map icon of your team mates has been very useful, but every time I see it, it feels like I am on a modded server. As long as this feature is in the game I will use it, even if it is SUPER immersion breaking. I prefer the friendly fire checks on modded servers to the giant green dots over heads. The power of the team UI is undeniable even after only 1 week. If you have it on, you have a major advantage to everyone else As a 5 year veteran I would strongly prefer this be taken out of the game. I think the development team needs to ask themselves, would they add a friendly fire feature to vanilla? Why not? Because it removes an element of the game where watching your fire is important. The team UI is extremely close to being a friendly fire setting. In fact it is MORE powerful than a friendly fire setting. It lets you gank people who are in your group but aren't actually friendly. It lets you not get sneaked up on by a solo player. It breaks your immersion more than friendly fire enable/disable. If the community could vote on changes and features I think we would had all preferred that the nights be made less dark, than have this whole new game changing feature added.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134778/b1274167-e209-40d5-b670-404e6c59224f/image.png Might be OK if you live in the UK but sometimes I am restricted on what servers I can play on because of ping. I got to take what I can get. So yeah I am complaining about the team system. It only helps clans. Why should I be at a tactical disadvantage when being attacked by teams because the devs have added the official ESP hack for teams.. They can see each other through obstacles and they have access to instant communication through discord or team chat. So instead of them maybe hesitating before shooting if I pop up from behind a rock. They already can see I am not team. So you say just team up with friendly neighbors. Isn't that just one team vs another team? Combat needs that uncertainty of "who is that?", it needs getting hit by friendly fire.
Realy nice system! My teammate and I are very happy to use it!
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