• 9 million copies sold?
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According to arstechnica article about a steam api data leak, RUST has sold 9M+ copies. Strange that only 30-40k players are active at a time. Please remove the parkour, puzzles, team system, and bin anymore AI stuff. I suggest removing players location from the map, and just make a compass that needs to be crafted. I liked it before when I had to craft a map and then I could draw on it.
I suggest removing yourself from the forum. You can bin your stuff on the way out.
Well I don't know about the other 8,999,999 copies, but I have one!
9 million+ copies sold doesn't mean 9 million+ active players. Some of those sales were cheaters repurchasing on alt accounts when that was possible. Some of those sales either "quit" at some point or don't play constantly.
You just said that 99% out of 9 million has either repurchased rust on alt account, quitted or doesn't play constantly. Now may i ask how fucking stupid are you?
Some means 99% all of a sudden? The game has been on Steam for 4 years. That 9 million+ isn't just from earlier in the year when Rust came out of Early Access. But being the paragon of all things Rust you undoubtedly knew this. Forget stupid old me said anything, loser.
That's not what he said at all. And you better watch your tone and avoid insulting other players. Thank you.
Some in this big of a scale is quite a lot of players, if you want to be exact there is 99,5% out of 9 million that don't play the game. Would be about time Rust actually starts to grow, but with lack of optimization i doubt it will. Obviously it's not, never said so either. I apologize, i was not aware that you guys only have permission to do that.
I need my fix of schadenfreude. The whole point was the ability to grief someone who spent days gathering stuff. I' plan to keep playing when I have the time.
@Opp waaaaaaaaah waah
He didn't insult me, but I'm reminding him that insulting posters get you nowhere on these forums. It's a good word of advice. And you are also not contributing to anything at all. You're lucky your kind of post can't get you banned anymore.
According to all the articles I have read they have sole 5million+ not 9 million. And have refunded 350000 copies which is roughly 6%. The refund figures dont really mean much as there is a time limit on requesting a refund. The actual percentage of people who still play the game is also hard to quantify , With a "daily" average of 24000+ (0.62% of owners) to 64000 (1.16% of owners) it would be impossible to say that they are the "same" players who are playing every day, It doesnt really matter to me how many players are playing or have asked for a refund, I am more interested in just playing the game. After all what do the numbers matter if the server you play on is up and running ?.
Those numbers matter for people who want to make a point that rust has issues. If we could have stats on why people quit, that would be helpful to the discussion. Also this says that there is a big untapped market for this genre. Hopefully more game like this will come out. I think I remember a couple that are in development.
Rust dead!
imho , whats right: I liked that cheaters using software hacks is not a thing anymore, I like the boats and diving, but I think there should be a chance of finding a elite crate once in while because as a solo its too hard to hit the monuments or roads with a full server. (official) I like some of the stuff that has been added recently. I think this games popularity should be above garry's mod for sure. Out of the tiny player base now, I wonder how many of those play on the x10 type pvp servers. I could see why they would like the team system. Maybe facepunch could have different classes of servers. Perhaps Official PvP and Official Survival. The survival they could remove your location on the map and just have a craftable vague analog / magnetic compass, less airdops etc.
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