• My Bro got me vac banned please help me i need help urgently!!!!
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Hi Facepunch I am sure you understand why I am writing this to you that my 14 year old brother just installed hacks for rust into my computer. I launched rust and was playing. I got off checked this yellow box saying account alert. I clicked it and it said PERM VAC BAN I aasked my brother what happened he said he installed hacks for me I was so pissed and I wooped his ass for banning me from my favourite game on the planet named earth. Please unban me I promise my brother wont ever be on my computer ever again. P.S the hacks didn't work anyway lol. because when I got into rust it was normal. Sincerely, GangsterGrover P.S PLEASE UNBAN
We do not handle ban appeals. EasyAntiCheat handle all bans. Please contact them on their website. Easy Anti The fact that you had hacks on your machine at all means that they'll likely not respond favorably. You're probably out of luck. Sorry.
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