• OUTPOST problems.
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Evidently, you can break the normal barrels around Outpost outskirts if you use a rock or a torch, but if you hit an oil barrel, the turrets will KOS you. Now, this also comes with a bullshit problem: Why the hell are you KOS'd for 30 minutes after being shot once? Shouldn't it maybe be five minutes at the most if you haven't damaged anyone? Or reset upon your death? Pretty stupid that just being shot by the turrets extends your timer to 30 minutes. That's ridiculous and way too long.
i think you should be able to carry a fking torch. i was nailed cos at night i had only a torch in the bar. Can they also include a warning further away saying "Approaching safe zone". Its easy to stray into it accidentally especially at night on a new map.
Its a bug. At any point if you are at risk of causing the outpost to go Aggro you should get the 4 second warning flashing at the top of your screen. If you don't get that, its a bug that needs to be fixed.
Outpost definitely doesn't KOS from a torch, I use them in it a lot. Heck, you can break barrels with a torch (And rocks) safely (EXCEPT for those oil barrels! DON'T TOUCH.) I definitely agree. Really sucks when you just don't realize it and get bloody slotted.
It's a Safezone not a "Farm"zone, so if you ask me you shouldn't be even able to hit barrels around the Outpost. What i do think needs improvement is when you're already aggroed and you don't know about it, you just need to get closer and see if the turrets shoot at you.
No problem with that, but the feature is there. Maybe if you're KOS'd by outpost, it'll have a thin red outline when you use the map? No more unrealistic than the magical floating markers that we now have.
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