• Damage Inc. Clan recruitment!
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Damaged Inc. Recruiting Are you looking for a mature gaming community with over 1400 members? What about a team of 32 dedicated rust players? Then -DI- is the place for you. Requirements to join DI: Be 15 years of age or older. Don't be involved with another gaming / eSports organization/community. Be willing to use Teamspeak and our forums as well as remain active on them. Perks of joining DI: No slave period - We do not require you to slave for us, we simply ask that you be trustworthy and active! Amazing community - If you play another game more than rust, we still want you! We have teams for almost every game, and are always looking to expand! Friendly environment - We have a no toxicity policy, and accept everyone no matter their views! Active player base - Whether you are EU or NA we have a rust team and other game teams waiting for you! Events - We host daily events for just about everything, and are always looking for more people to hop in! Even if you are a casual rust player, DI is an great place to hang out, we are constantly accepting new people and are always available to teach new players, or learn from experienced ones. Add me on steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198365079423/ Join DI's Teamspeak - ts.dmg-inc.com Check out DI's website - https://dmg-inc.com Apply to DI today - https://di.community/topic/2-~how-to-join-damage-incorporated~/ Tell them TheeDeer sent ya!
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