• Aus Rust Vanilla Monthly admin abuse/ soloution?
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H4XR on Aus Rust monthly banned us for simply beating him in fights. Broke no rules on the server, was just outplayed constantly. Raged and banned a group of 4 over it while simultaneously banning us from the discord. The games so Grindy as it is and its way to much of a time hole to consider jumping on a server. We need a process, a solution to prevent this from continuously happening to the dedicated supporters of this game. Its left a bad taste in our mouth from some lads who have social lives and cant be bothered starting again Even a simple server rating function that would take only a few hours to code and implement next to a server description. I:E 1 to 5 stars with a small test box for feedback/reasons. Some integrity is needed and a simple solution obtained/ implemented.
It's a private server with people who pay for it themselves. They can literally do whatever the hell they want to with it including being an asshole. Facepunch isn't going to go ban people for being dicks to folks on their own privately run servers, that's like yelling an an architect to kick your neighbor out of their home because they treated you poorly. You can try talking to the actual owner of the server and try and get it sorted out, or you can find another server.
This needed two threads? What are we supposed to do about it. A rating system would be abused too, no less. No way to prevent vote-botting.
Dont play on that server. There are server rating sites but bad servers dont put themselves on them and the only way to rate them is if they are listed. Its a pain but some people dont know how to admin a server and treat players like crap. We are glad that you have selected yourself to do this and look forward to seeing being used , As it wont take more than a few hours we can expect to see it in the near future.
So for clarification pruposes. There was a 5 man group limit rule on My server. No Sharing Resources, Roaming or Raiding with another group. You guys all broke that rule. One of you players even confirm that you guys did. Get over it, You broke 4 rules and got banned.
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