• new to the game and looking for a partner
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so basically I have been watching videos of rust of and on for the past 2 years but never played it. I’m finally at a stage with my college that I have a lot of free time. And at the moment I don’t play any games, but I have been wanting to get into rust for a long time now and I finally have the time for exactly that. The thing is I have only watched videos, and I have seen how big and intense the game is, also playing with friends is a huge benefit and much more fun. For these reasons I’m looking for 1 or 2 players to play with. Also to show me the ropes. so if you’re a seasoned player with not much to do and you are looking for a new padawan please show me the way :p I have skype and discord, I’m looking forward to the responses ;)
Mmm, what kind of partner, baby?
uum what to play rust with :0
I am a Netherlands rust player if YouTube want You can join my group i play with 1/2 extra players
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