• The Cargo Ship Update
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Mmm.. Nice
As a game developer (also a software engineering student) I love the work you do. Keep it up!
Awesome update!
awesome update! maybe one day i can fish out of a hot air balloon
if you're gonna add military grade weapons on all category, i suggest that you add a military knife that can backstab people and has a faster animation like the bone knife but with higher damage
Interesting update.
Hey Facepunch, loving the new updates!!! But many people are bitching about how OP the L96 is, especially the solo players. So I'm offering suggestions, what if you nerf the gun but not directly... HOW??? Well, you can keep all the stats of the weapon but then making it only accepts HV 5.56 ,,, hmmm how's it??? Since it has a really fast bullet speed so it makes sense to only allow HV 5.56 ammo to be inserted, aaaand maybeeee you can increase the price of HV just a little bit so that big clans will use more of their gunpowder just to make this ammo. OR HECK MAKE A NEW TYPE OF BULLET, 7.62??? or Magnum??? IDK, Love you Facepunch
Okay so , I love you guys and all, but someone has to say it. Lay down on the aestethics for a bit - the game looks great! Work on performance! There are people complaining that their beast computers still stutter with this game. Imagine how many players rust would have if the game would actually run on potatoes. New and old players will come back! Fun for days! Remember how Grand Theft Auto V went from 30 fps on beast computers to 144 fps on potatoes? Same with h1z1! Follow their example! Great job so far by the way! Love the game
Почему там не было полной очистки от серверов, а только стереть карту. Ждал обновления, чтобы выйти на сервер, а чтобы выжить и вырасти, вместо этого хожу и через 2 часа все было там с Калашем, дробовиками, болтом. А вот как играть на офф сервере когда была только стереть карту? Но в целом обновление достойно
You guys are specialist in making something unique and amazing, then you remake those things 25x, turns into something creative but horrible to play... Games with wide area like Battlefield, Rust etc. Require long range weapons, like Rifles and Snipers, I don't like to be disrespectful because I have played and enjoy rust for more than 4 years, but I can't stand at your devs point of views, Helkus is stupid, he said in devblog that he was going to nerf ak-47 because he wanted to make players use SMG, the point is, people use AK more than smg, because in a wide area you need accuracy, this guy never played FPS games? The recoil patterns have changed many times, it's really annoying when you have trained hours and learned a pattern then have to re-learn again, and this is a single point of view from many others why me and my friends stopped playing Rust about 6 or 8 months ago, but I feel like now your team are in the right direction with the new bolt action and 8x, I just suggest that you all need to thing about making quick games in Rust like raid mod and this kind of thing, because the standard mod requires much time to compete, and many adults can't afford soo many time in life and lose because of it, that's why I don't play games anymore.
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