• The Hot Air Balloon Update
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So when it comes?...
Great work, as always. Thank you.
This updates full of hot air.
Yes! Fix the cheating, and possibly re-work the guns, maybe less recon and more spray. Seems to still be a lot of people with perfect laser aim out there, or just remove this weird learnable pattern, and add less recoil on the high tier guns. Also add tissues, for my feelings.
It would seem when a player uses a teleport to come off a moving air balloon, they will still be "on the moving object" and you slide around the map. Only way to fix is to walk onto and off another balloon.
Nice work with the Rowboat, would like to see a jet ski in the future.
Hi all. Good idea this balloon !!! But I would like to know if we have an opportunity to reactivate the event "Halloween" on its own server? Because on our server, we loved this gloomy atmosphere. Moreover, create a new "Rust" with only zombies (even zombie animals) but all different as for example in the game "7 Days do die", would sell very well in my opinion. Bye
Hey, there's an issue with the hot air ballon; I tried to land on the cargo ship, and when I was about to succeed some sort of invisible wall kicked me out of the balloon causing me to fall to my death on the cargo ship... Is this intended?
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