• Santa and Reindeer Air Drops at Xmas
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That would be hilarious. It would be perfect if the drops were giant presents and instead of the plane sound you hear bells and a really loud HO HO HO.
Or, instead of presents use Santa's big red bag (with golden tassel rope around the top) and a candy cane colored parachute. Makes for great visibility. Asking for a white Xmas (snowing) may be too much...
I know it's not rust, but i just imagined PUBG replacing the plane with the sleigh and giant bag from The Polar Express and you jump from that.
I see they be working on Xmas window decorations. A sleigh would be nice...
LOL the chopper shooting presents instead of rockets would be amazing. Maybe make a hell santa that plays Jingle Bells instead of the chopper noises, the spot light is replaced with Rudolphs nose, the bullets replaced with candy canes, and the rockets replaced with x-mas wrapped boxes. Was also thinking that for Thanksgiving all the chickens could be replaced with gigantic rad turkeys that continue to get larger and larger until they explode, make them super aggressive and include the bear stomping noises, only make them more impactful.
I dont really like the events... they should focus on more important issues!
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