• The radiation in launchsite HQ
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I think it is still a bit much on the rads. I solo and like to take the heli. It took me all month to get my build the way I like it and to supply it. Guns, ammo, hatch, window verts, armor, locker, clothes, BOOTS!, and armor doors. This month I cant find guns. Went to launch and died on the loot. I have an idea that might help. Bring back the old rad suit. If we had to gather the pieces of the old suit then use them to make the new suit and let it de-grade but keep the rad protection on the new suit. Then the new suit would be rare and IF you have one you can still loot the launch.
Lauch is easy as hell to run, I had ak, 2 supply signals, full metal gear, in 2 days as a Solo running launch on a solo/duo/trio vanilla, 100/100 pop server. You can't just find a radsuit and hop in there like nothing, you have to KNOW how to run the VAB now.
Lol, this is why I play on 2x.
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