• How To Fix Solo/Zerg Ballance Issues
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Its not so easy you know you can just simply build more bases around for zergs ... every base had 3 members and trading all the resorces so it will be even harder for small groups to raid so no point in there and about that powerful clans ... there is diferrence betwen a good 4-7 players in clan and like 10+ players in zerg they dont use skills ... they just use numbers of members and that is kinda stupid its not so fun for solo or smal group if there is like 2-3 players chasing you as solo .. you might run away .. but if there is 10+ just for fun cuz they are bored of all the farming and stuff they will get you so large groups should be limited or punished becose it shouldnt mean more ppl= just more power ... it should be like more ppl=more needs more risks and then more profit .... becose whats the point in killing and raiding everyone without almost any effort put into it? like isnt this game about being hard? in this state its not hoard for zergs ... not at all so I think there should be some limitations or some negative aspects ... :)
I think introducing Diseases to grps larger than say 4 players would be a novel way to discourage giant zergs. The more players who stay in constant proximity of each other the more intense the disease gets. Maybe requiring you to use Large health kits to stave off death, or the disease could impede movement, and steadily get worse and worse, maybe infected players could also use up the food and thirst faster. There are ways to discourage Zergs, FacePunch needs to just figure out something simple.
That's actually pretty beautiful idea. I think you should make a thread about this.
On my server I run a plugin called Plagued which deals perfectly with this. I just set it up to the max group I want to have, and how many people a player can affiliate with before he starts to get plagued and have no problems with zergs or larger groups.
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