• bad tradnslate
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every devblog some items have a funny translate or abusive (rus lang, Russia hapis 1) workbench - cheats of ctfhack (http:/ ... ) workbench lvl 2 - Shef & Batman ?? wtf screenshots: [url=http://radikal.ru][img]http://i062.radikal.ru/1711/03/fa7560ccf356.jpg[/img][/url] [url=http://radikal.ru][img]http://s11.radikal.ru/i183/1711/58/1b7fd86a3b06.jpg[/img][/url]
have a funny translate Well, it's not funny at all anymore, it's annoying. And i totally agree with you. I haven't seen what's going on different Crowdin translation pages, but Russian page is full of trolls and ancient incorrect translations which has been suggested >2 years ago and cannot be replaced with better one because of a huge rating. I don't know how peoples are adding those "cheats by crfhack", but seems they have bots or something like that, and this crap can sometimes stay in the game completely untouched even for two weeks. We need more mods to approve CORRECT translations and remove all content suggested by idiots. Robotboy is doing this sometimes, but too slow.
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