• It's Wipe Day
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So what do you guys do just before the server gets wiped (vanilla)? I have a stupid thing called "Map Destruction" and people are allowed to spawn in stuff, make night or day, spawn in helli's (multiple). Would like to know if there is something cool I can do while the people wait on the server before wipe? Anyone willing to share ideas?
I create arena areas on my map and line them with boxes loaded with every high-end armor, weapon, ammo, and explosive and let players go to town. Every wipe night is exciting! We also spawn in scientist, bradleys, bear and wolf swarms, and of course helicopters.
Nice, do you create the arenas in the default spawn points?
Typically try to build them in uninhabited areas, such as Islands, so they don't interrupt the normal play.
Cool, i have been trying to make custom spawns or TP commands to specific locations but it is not so simple if you don't use oxide. Any tips for me maybe?
I play Vanilla entirely, so I've become pretty intament with the admin commands. I have covered the teleport command in depth as well. After I have a map wipe, I visit each of the monuments in game and run the printpos command to get a location point. I then catalog it in a text document that I keep handy for other admin related things. When the need comes to send someone or myself to a specific region, this usually does it. Also, keep in mind you can always use the coordinates 0,0,0 to get to the dead center of the map.
Nice, I tried that and every time i put in the coordinates that i get from printpos I get teleported to 0,0,0 so i just said f#%k it for now but thanks for the info. I have been checking out your site since 3 months ago and well done, it was a good resource for me to get started with my server.
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