• a suggestion about logical schemes etc.
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There are many different things in Rust (for example garage doors or turrets), for which is logical to have... logical elements to be operated by... For example: 5-10 turrets around the building with one centralized button to switch them on/off. The same thing for doors... The same for other things... Is it possible to realize?
Electricity is planned for I think beta or full release. With it that kind of logic should be added as well.
They will work in something like that in the future, in the roadmap they said something about eletricity n probably will do something like that, buttons for doors, lights, turrets, etc.
Quoted directly from the RoadMap : Electricity A system of logic gate deployables that controls the flow of electricity. When electricity reaches an entity it can react. Allow players to do things such as place pressure pads that when triggered open or close doors and turn lights on.
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