• Devblog 184 - Post Mortem
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Your best bet would be to wipe or fix the ddosing of the servers. Most official are dead already and most servers are being ddosed
Thanks for the hotfix,.
Rust needs to stop making new content and spend 100% of their time figuring out how to get rid of hackers and prevent future ones. It's retarded that they have so many hackers. I'd rather play the game as it is now with no/very few hackers than have new content with hackers. Right now you can't play a full wipe without running into at least 5-10 hackers.
Rust needs to do this, rust needs to do that... Facepunch is a game developing company, not an anti-cheat company. That's why they partnered with EAC, which are the ones who are totally* in charge of the anti-cheat. (*Mostly, with very few exceptions) Now, yes there's a hacker problem with Rust, so is there with Csgo and pretty much every online game where there is a strong PvP element; that's bound to happen, there's no way around it. Want then to be banned quicker? Report the hackers using F7, gather evidence and ship it to the admins of the server you're on and stop bitching about it.
Thanks for all the hard work
Focus on horses. I know cars are cool and all but just imagine riding into battle on a horse. Also don't have some bullshit like once you have tamed it nobody else can ride it. They should be fairly easy to get and once somebody can ride it you should have to keep it in a safe area for somebody else not to take it.
please fix australia 2 rust been a bitch all wipe dropping out now the rust game will not load in past receiving data
Please fix horses. I cannut ride them. I love PC.
I need to report an entire server & clan. They banned me and my entire clan because we found out that the owner is actually a player who is admin abusing every single wipe. They have Aim-bot, fly hacking Occasionally, and spawn in the loot they want. They always have a HUGE armored base within 10 minutes of the server starting up from a fresh wipe. I told them I know they're hacking because online it says the owner is a member of their clan. So they immediately banned me and my entire clan. I don't know how to report them. FacePunch studios is based out of the U.K. I believe and We live in the U.S. so the call did not go through. PLEASE HELP
FacePunch studios is based out of the U.K. I believe and We live in the U.S. so the call did not go through. I don't think the developers will want to receive phone-calls about hackers, Instead find the players profile in steam, shift + tab > players and then report for violation.
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