• Done Wiping Our Paid Servers?
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Here's an idea. The amount of time that we put in to building the perfect bases, etc, and on the other side of not having a lot of time to even play as it is with jobs, family life, etc.....would be nice if they actually got to stick around more than 30 days. After all, I'm paying for a server host.....would be nice to find a way to make your updates, clean up the maps, but retain buildings that were built. Just sayin ;)
That is the best idea I have ever heard for any server. Why do you make us grind for 2 to 3 weeks max, and just when we get a good base going, and get ready to benefit from all the grinding we did, we find that we have 3 to 4 days if we are lucky to use our hard earned and fought for possessions????? Why do you make us operate this way? Its only making us resent Rust, which can be a great game if you devs would listen to us. We definitely need many servers that dont wipe for a month. That way we know we had a chance to have fun with the items we fought hard for before they simply vanish. We need more time to get to end game. Please.
I highly suggest modded servers. Granted, nothing can be done when a forced wipe happens. A slight increase in gathering and crafting may just be what you guys need. Trust me, as a server owner and a professional I understand completely.
Yeah I have a 20x gather rate, huge stacks, food stacks are pretty good too, have other mods that keep them happy and all. But if I try to keep a town up and going for people to trade in and buy/sell stuff, I can't keep building it over and over again just cause they wish to wipe the servers that we're paying for. What I'm getting at is, wipe them, that's fine, BUT KEEP OUR BUILDINGS! lol just wishful I guess
You do realise there are mods that enable you to "copy and paste" entire buildings right? You could do that with the buildings you want to be saved from wipe to wipe. Good luck
If you want to play on a good modded server that you can build such a great base within a few hours, go to A Rusty Wargame X500 in the modded section. You're guaranteed to have a great base within the hour.
Yeah I realize that, I've tried the mods, could never get them to work properly lol, and I'm a moderate scripter and excellent with computers and webpage development. So things like the mods aren't hard for me to use. But those just seemed like they just didn't quite want to cooperate very well lol
As far as I know, it's a simple oxide plugin. Makes it easy to copy and paste, change the whole tier of a building in 1 action, etc. I'm pretty sure it's really similar to what creative servers use. I say simple, but I'm not the one running it on our server, so I never know. Wish you the best, Pce
I use Copy/Paste extensively . The plugin allows you to copy the structure and (most of the time) it's contents after you have placed everything down. Then you simply look at a foundation of the structure you wish to copy. Then, you go to another area and look at the ground and type in paste and presto. This will store a DB in your Data folder where you can use it over and over
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