• Is the blueprint system fair on solo players ?
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hello i have just come online after spending the last few days building peacefully in the north only to come online today to find that i had been raided using satchels or C4, this is the third day into the wipe i am a solo player with less than 5 blueprints. normally if i get raided i just carry on and start building again but because of the blueprint system i will need to start from scratch because i could not get enough scrap to get the blueprints for the tools and items needed because i am SOLO. Am i playing the game wrong ? am i supposed to join a clan or large group in this game in order to get anywhere ?
The fuzz, Keep in mind that the recent blueprint update was released knowing full well it would require tweaking and balance. There's quite the disclaimer around this if you're keeping up to date with the devblog. The state it's in now is still new, with data and input from players, Facepunch will continue to improve the blueprint system and play experience over all. That said, it is challenging to survive as a solo player on a server with any real population, but challenge doesn't make it wrong. Not at all. You are playing a game after all. I personally have enjoyed the system, in it's current state, as a solo player. It has slowed down clans from immediately demolishing everyone on my server. The introduction of the scrap grind may not be to everyone's liking though. I preach to players on my server that if it's not your thing, go hunt players that are already farming. I started last night with just a rock and was able to sneak up on full geared people and steal their resources and build up a base immediately. It really can be as simple as that, in which you rinse, wash, repeat. I have over 1000 hours in the game, so I've learned many of the mechanics needed to do these things. One top I can give though, that has worked very well, is camping the new gas stations. It's very easy to hide in there and hear someone coming up, allowing you to position yourself around the shelving in such a way you get the drop on them while they're digging through a food crate.
I have over 500 hours in the game, but I have a great experience. So I say that the balance in the game is really lame. The stability of building elements (which was added in DevBlog 35) is really suck. Because it gives the raiders an thinking where I'm hiding loots.
thank you for the reply, i only have around 200hrs playing time and most of that is on building i am not to great with the PVP side yet. I think i am just very surprised with how fast i was raided and more so the amount of explosives they must have needed to get through what they did. I was under the assumption the blueprint system was going to slow the game down a little to keep players playing the whole wipe. I do enjoy the grind for scrap, i think the scrap system works very well but if you are by yourself there is only so much scrap you can collect in a day. I am not sure how the new system slows clans down as they have the blueprint from what they need from the previous wipe whereas people new to the server will need to grind a lot harder to gather for the blueprints. this will always put Groups ahead of solo players. i think i will do a little more practice on a less populated server You are right the game is always being Tweaked and changed all the time. Thanks again
It's all about knowledge and the server you play on. As a solo, I was able to get the bps for ak, metal facemask, most other guns, a medium base (5 doors to loot), all tools/clothes, meds, ammo, flamethrower and the essentials, shelves, double doors, etc. (Spent about 5k scrap on BP's and getting tier 1 and 2 workbench). In 2 days, on a vanilla low pop solo/duo/trio server with 100/100 pop 3k map. I was solo running lauch site non-stop, killing the team's I encountered or running if I was outgunned. I do have close to 4k hours, hence the knowledge part in my first sentence. It takes time and practice, if you want to play solo I highly suggest solo/duo/trio, but it gets better as you learn game mechanics/gunplay/building, etc. Good luck my man.
thank you very much.
You know that stability has nothing to do with the strength of building pieces, right? It doesn't matter if a stone wall has 100% stability or 3% stability - it's still going have 500 health. Still going to need 7 metal picks to go thru the weak side.
They may not have used explosives for everything - they could have used pickaxes to get thru some walls.
pxmonkee They use stability to try and guess loot because the loot rooms will provide extra support when an open area will provide less, so a room made for furnaces that is a bit bigger and open will give less support, and that will show at the top or around it. They can then shoot for the more stable areas and hope for loot. I think that's what he's talking about.
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