• RUST Ban Command, Useful Hints and Tips
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Heya, back with a new article for RUST Admins. This time around the RUST Ban Command. There's a few things about the RUST Ban Command that many new and experienced admins do not know, such as banning existing admins and moderators will be stripped automatically of their auth levels. I'm going to be writing up a follow up guide that explains the different types of bans in RUST and ways to appeal and avoid them altogether. If you have any questions or notice anything incorrect, hit me up. Cheers.
Thanks a lot and thank you for Corrosionhour. It is really helpful and informative. Good job!
Yanisin, Thanks for the feedback. More to come as the holidays approach Cheers.
Awesome, just looking through your website. Thanks for putting time in this. Much appreciated!
RustyTide, Thanks for the props. I love writing about the game and am glad to hear people find the content useful. Hopefully they continue to do so. Cheers.
hi and thanks do you know how to get the current assets list looks like this: (22:19:26) | [Oxide] 22:19 [Info] 1 - assets/bundled/prefabs/autospawn/collectable/hemp/hemp-collectable.prefab    thanks alot
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