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When blueprints were added it sounded cool but, trying to get ak47s, Bolty and even a Metal hatch. Please developers change this. Please leave comments if you agree. Thanks Classy
The AK and bolt are hard to get, but not impossible. Airdrops are the fastest ways. Ladder Hatches are also a huge pain, but can be obtained. Rustlabs has drop rates on its website.
It's supposed to be hard to get...
Blueprints add a sense of progretion to the game and make servers last so much longer, I could get an ak in 30min on a low pop server (if I completely ignore every other objective) No one ever used primitive and mid tier weapons, and everyone had acess to facemasks and metal armor two hours into the wipe, the bp system adds alot of diversity to wht gear you use and armor sets almost never match because everyone has different bps for armor and guns. So in my opinion the bp system is better
Loot all military/elite crates, airdrops and try to kill some geared players. (if you know how to shoot from any SMG you'll be able to kill someone who has AK, i'm sure) This is pretty possible, but you need to do your best to get something. Current BP system is great, but loot tables is quite weird at this moment, but it'll be fixed.
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