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Yeah at first it was fun, I thought it was cool how everything was "balanced" but then after playing with the blueprints for a while I realized how bad it was, All people do is death squad through monuments and it really fucks with small groups. I have 7k metal frags in my chest and all I know how to make is a damn chair, because I can only go out with a bow/nailgun/crossbow. I personally despise the new BP system, and I feel like it favors bigger groups
all the systems are favorising big groups
I personally thought the same thing, it would make the game more balanced, but after playing the gaming with the BP system the game kind sucks now. I spent a few days trying to grind for scrap but every time I leave my house big groups of people kill me, so I think they should remove bp's the game is just not fun any more.
I agree me and my friends saw the new system and didnt like the sound of it but we didnt understand how to craft anything so we did some research and its impossible to craft stuff the only thing we can craft is a bow and nail gun THATS BS
I also thought the BP system was very oppressive to new players. Until I randomly found a revolver in a crate near the powerplant and got enough scrap from the recycler (300) to make BPs of it and it's ammo. Then I was able to sneak up and take out a geared player farming wood, got his rifle and metal armor, and now I'm making BPs of that. The system is great you just need to get the snowball rolling and then you become an avalanche. Maybe buy a good weapon from a vending machine if you are desperate or keep searching crates. Once you get that revolver BP you'll have it -forever- so it's not that bad! It's very fun. The XP system was horrible
Tiered maps will help this. I like the 0-2 tiers but they could go into even more depth with that and have hi/low tier 0-2 parts of the map where the items found are better as you go up the tiers but you will find more or less of it depending on if you are in the hi/low part. Just an idea but it would segregate solos or small groups and clans more in my opinion.
I liked the XP system. I feel like it helped people be alot friendlier. I really wish they'd take a look at it again and revamp and reintroduce it in a different and better way. The friendliest the community has ever been was during the XP system.
I think the Hybrid system is just fine, but I don't like the Topography change. the zergs know where the weakest players are and just dominate those areas.
I think we should improve upon the hybrid system by replacing Scrap with XP points. It would be the absolute most perfect blend.
sure we don't. this game's community is HOSTILE, not friendly, and that's how it has to be. it's (zombie) appocalipse, for god's sake - kill or be killed
I don't mind the idea of the new BP system, but I despise the fact how difficult it has made the game. For a small trio it has increased the difficulty tenfold due to been unable to defend yourself efficiently. And then the is the crazy scrap costs which seem almost like a deliberate attempt to create a time sink. At least give us the chance of fighting back! If they unlocked the low tier weapons such as the SAR and revolver it would help even things up. As soon as a larger group get access to any sort of ballistic weapon then they literally steamroll a server. You have no chance of fighting back with a bow. At least you have a small chance against an ak with a SAR. The Indians didn't do to well either, bow Vs gun. Just saying.
Oldest BP System was awesome. We need it . We need BP Book and more... Take back Fully BP
I feel if they dropped the scrap cost then it would be perfectly fine. 750 > 500, 250 > 150, 75 > 50, etc. Blue print drop rates could be played with a bit. I'm approaching 100+ hours and I have yet to see a SAR, but I managed to get my hands on an ak, ready to break it down. Cost of BP and the tier 3 workbench is a little crazy. Like 6-7 see crap trips alone might net 1k scrap?
I would agree. I used to love this game, but the blueprints system has made it so difficult to accomplish anything in the game now. New players have next to no chance of even building a small base. I feel that there was nothing wrong with the game before the blueprint update. At least those that play alone or with one other person had a fighting chance against the zergs and all of the Aks. Just my two cents, but I barely play anymore due to this.
i had a same feeling about componets (fast game, everyone has same chance), but there are so many role players that were sure that bringing some form of longer progression will give them better chance against good pvp-ers. sure they were wrong, but it was not that easy to explain some simple facts to them. and what now? they are whining again. let me be a prophet - even if devs (and i hope they will not) bring back some form of cp/leveling back to game, GOOD PVPers wil ALWAYS be better than bad pvpers, and there is no progression mechanic that will change it EVER.
Except it's a survival game not, a FPS. This means that there other ways to survive other than PVP and they should equally be rewarded. You could argue that offline raiders probably suck at PVP, but it's another type of skill, raiding, that advances the game.
According to the Developer it isn't [img]https://i.imgur.com/dgEd2AE.png[/img]
you've got it all wrong. in this game, (and in any other game you play for 3k hours) it is not an issue how to survive environment. even if there is a dragon that hunts you - sooner or later, you will find how the ai moves, when he's beathing, when will he burn fire, and it will become peace of cake to finish him. REAL ISSUE is how to survive OTHER PLAYERS, and there is no chance that you will make different ballance in pvp game by adding more pve content, slowing game down, or some other stupid idea you role players have in your heads. ALSO - offline raiders are not making this game better, don't fool yoursellf.
I think its amazing that most players do not realize that Bows do 50 damage, practice makes perfect but bows are nasty when you are in effective range and know how to lead targets. When the Zombies were in with the Halloween update i used them for headshot practice. I miss my zombies.
Let's see how well you do with a bow Vs me with a revolver. Been good with a bow is definitely an excellent skill to possess, but if you are twenty hours into a server, have a four layer base with honeycombs and a few traps yet still can't find a blueprint for anything more advanced than a xbow then, to me, that says there is something wrong somewhere. If you were really unlucky you could spend a full wipe with next to nothing. Despite putting in the time and effort it all depends on how lucky you are with the RNG, which for a game like rust I think is wrong.
It took me 750 scrap to build an external wall. I was also had the fortunate of being close to someone selling it. That took me 200 scrap to buy it. It took 500 scrap to build the necessary workbench to make it. If you include the research table and the tier one workbench before it, that's 1550 scrap to make something that is pretty essential to prevent being raided. That's like 155 gears scrapped to make one fucking wall. :S
I do not know where you keep getting this from and why you are apparently stubborn or slow to learn the true facts. You can continue to tell yourself that Rust is based on the premises you gave. However, I am getting the feeling that it may be more than just the PvE/PvP aspect you are arguing. Perhaps you are not one who likes that style confrontation in games,which is fine. Or, perhaps you just plain suck at PvP,whatever the difference. Truth be told we all were at one point. I haven't pinned it yet however, whatever the case I can guarantee you this. I, as a solo player have a lifetime survival rate of about 80%, 5 KDR and had a sufficient amount of raids on clans (on/offline) . This has been since the game was on a browser. If you can't do it, then don't but coming in here attempting to throw your disillusion to this forum will not convince any of us. Why? Because it simply is not true. I am sorry, this game is PvP with survival elements. And like I also mentioned, the people who created this game feel the same way and even stated it.
The true facts? The Facepunch website reads verbatim: "Hardcore survival game for the PC". Read it for yourself. Home I'll go into better detail: "Rust’s world is harsh. The environment is not kind. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. Falling from a height will kill you. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Starving will kill you. Being cold will kill you. Other players can find you, kill you, and take your stuff. Fortunately for you, you can kill others and take their stuff. Or maybe you can make friends and help each other survive, using the game’s building tools to create a safe haven." That's a survival game with elements of PVP. PVP, of course not being the main focus as, I've stated: "other players CAN find you, kill you, and take your stuff." (Information) Now, that sounds a lot closer to what this (myself) delusional person was stating than yourself.
Do you know who that is? I am guessing you don't
He's a game designer/programmer. Not part of the directive process... His name is not Garry Newman or Craig Gwilt.
Enough said... it's not a "System" problem. It's just that zergs are domination some servers. About the hybrid bp system, actually I like it but it seems to be needed a wipe every 2-3 months or will never attract new players to those servers...
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