• Suggestions for new elements
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I would suggest: 1. Items: electric motor for fuel, wires and electric lamps 2. Items: Flags 3. more icy locations: TV tower, artic base
Ooo. +1 on the flags.
Yeah I like the flag idea but they did add banners, so kinda already is game. but I would like to see a flag waving in the wind that would look really cool
How about sand into glass, Then high tech trash and glass for bulletproof glass.
1] Security Camera - Allow people to set it up outside the base and have connected to monitor inside for viewing. Could be mountable on a wall? 2] Carry bags - Backpack/etc. Allow you to carry a little bit more loot. 3] Friendly tracking devices - Allow you to build a device you can assign to friends that allow them to be noticable in combat, as a friendly. 4] Battering Ram - So explosives arent the only effective way to get through doors/walls. Could have a couple tiered toward the materials. 5] Spray-Paint - Because that could be interesting/funny. 6] Fisticuffs - So you can punch a mofo after you fail-throw your rock.
7) Add more animals as eagles, fishs, bisons, crocodiles, rats in caves etc. 8) Armored Hatch - ppl is very need this item, when ladders was allowed in Devblog 179 9) Metal Shutters 10) Increase lenght of Garage Door to 2 and 3 FB 11) Fire barrier from Crude Oil (example from the game Stronghold) 12) towers (lenght in 2 and 3 FB) 13) add more fruits as grapes, berries, beans etc.
As they split the map into tier they could leave the tunnel always appearing in the forest, a military base in the Arctic and the launch site in the desert, balancing the loot for each tier and each with a balanced challenge for its retrospective tiers, like more chance to find a ak or rocket on tier 2 than tier 1 or 0
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