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I was pondering the idea of how to slow down progression and one idea was to make the Level 3 Workbench non craftable and instead having it at the launch site or something like that so anyone seeking to get aks and what not has to risk it for the biscuit and go to launch site with a radsuit and water jug to craft their top tier gear. What ideas do y'all have? This idea is aimed to target clans and big groups to slow down their progression. I see good things coming of this but i wanna hear some bad things if y'all got anything
The first thing that comes to mind are the monument campers. They are bad enough already. It would definitely slow down progression for some of the players and others could have an advantage.
Yeah thats a good thought. Its hard to slow down progression for big groups without hurting the solo or small group based players
I like your idea, but I think that you have to do something to clan size as well because as Webster say big clans will always have an advantage and if you make players go to launch site solo players will struggle even more since it will be heavily camped by clans. I have a Solo/Duo server and the way I manage group size is via a plugin called Plague. If you want to have both large group size and restrict progression, I think the best way to do so is via some random event. If I was in your situation I would have looked at a plugin called Rain Of Fire, and customized it with a big randomized time span scale for when to drop. Then it would be more down to luck who found the workbench.
Yeah yeah that would be cool, have the workbench spawn randomly. I just figured launch cause I imagined that rust later on will have the bradley and scientist roaming launch site and along with radiation would be a nice challenge
Here's the problem with making the lvl 3 only available at monuments, much less only 1 at launch. It will guaranteed be camped and solos or small groups will never be able to use it on any sizable server, much less officials. Items that require level 3 workbenches also take quite a while to craft, especially if you're making a bunch, so putting in the tower or something like that is impossible. A typical run takes a radsuit, 4-6 syringes, 7-8 pills, and some water, so staying for extended periods of time is out of the question. Even if it spawns randomly, it's going to take forever to find it and when it is found, it will take forever to use. There are some with the model at the gas stations, so maybe things like that, but making the workbench uncraftable is just going to end badly for everyone.
Well i wouldn't go as far as impossible, that reason alone actually what made me think of it cause now solos and small groups have a chance to jump clans while they go out and craft their top tier gear and if they were to do something like my idea then the crafting times would all have to be reduced otherwise like you said it would be damn near impossible if not then for sure not worth it. Also for sure would have to have the bench on the first or second floor to make it dooable. I think my idea would bring the game back to down to bows/crossys for a day or two then pipeys/pistols/double barrels for a few then smgs/semis and the probably at the start or end or week two we should see aks and rockets. I think it is worth trying for a weekly update to see how servers play it out As for the random spawn, maybe a server message like "workbench spawning here in X amount of minutes" might take away some of what the game is though, Idk just a thought
There are still glaring problems. A solo or small group is unlikely to be capable of killing a clan. Even if they get the jump on them, a solo or small group would have to get into an extended fight, which will more than likely result in someone else to get something, and will end in solos and small groups losing everything. The group will likely stay and fight, and it will be difficult to win a fight when you're outnumbered at least 2 to 1. If the workbench moves, it will make it a disaster, as everyone will be running out to craft, making it a bloodbath. The radiation is the same through the entire tower as well, so a low floor may not change much at all.
If the bench is on the first or second then u can go in craft and get out . Just gotta drink and pop pills. Any higher then the travel time from bench to non radiated area would be too much to even try
I understand that, but even with a reduced crafting time, you need a lot of pills and water. On a typical run, which is only a couple minutes, through the tower takes 7-8 pills, 500-1000 ml of water, and 4-6 syringes. Now imagine crafting for even 10 minutes in there. Then you also have groups and players camping and others trying to do the same thing, so it would be nearly impossible to craft anything major.
Yeah but campers will always be there, always cause frankly it makes sense. Build near barrels/monuments is a good way to get scrap and bp. That will never change. but the more hard they make it then the more end game content there is. I solo mostly unless my buddy signs on but i just got my second airdrop today (got my first tommy!!) on west 3. I checked their roadmap and they want to add more to launch site such as locked doors and what not. Imagine if they put in doors requiring you to blow down with satchels and what not? That would be cool. Makes looting launch site even more thrilling
True, but there's no reason to punish everyone who isn't in a clan or large group by putting the workbench required for crafting all endgame gear and weapons in a place that is easily accessed. To make 3 c4, you'd have to leave with a massive amount of resources, and that would take 20 minutes to craft start to finish at the moment. Blowing down doors would be one thing, but for the topic at hand, I see no reason to make the level 3 workbench a monument only item. I can only see it being a detriment that would infuriate everyone, including large groups.
Have u ever gave this some thought? Any ideas to slow progression?
One server I played on had set it up so that first week we only found tier 1 loot. Second week tier 2 loot, third and fourth week tier 3 loot. Takes some work to set up loot and drop config and some players probable won't like it but it was an efficient way to slow down progression.
I can't remember but I think they used customized BetterLoot and FancyDrop plugins.
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