• A real problem in the language
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welcome everybody There is a big problem when activating the Arabic language. The characters appear intermittently and inverted. There are a lot of Arab players who want to play in their language. There are no problems with the computer hardware problem is defined by the definition of the Arabic game entered the game. They are a small file can be easily modified if you want to. Please help us solve this problem.
All translations for the game are fan-sourced. If you want to help with translations, feel free to join in at https://crowdin.com/project/rust
Pxmonkee, This is awesome! Where did you find this information around the translations being player supported? I had never heard of this. I'm going to promote the crap out of it now though! Cheers.
I'm not talking here about translation. I am talking about the way the word is presented incorrectly. I am currently reviewing the translation and correcting it linguistically. But in order for the display to be displayed correctly. The programmer must set the correct spelling definition. Dwrite.dll MANIFEST Usp10.dll https://support.microsoft.com/eu-es/help/976525/incorrectly-displayed-arabic-characters-in-windows-7-or-in-windows-ser
Hey @foxKSA - this is useful to know. Unfortunately, we rely on Unity supporting this stuff and right now I don't think they do. Not properly anyway - as you're finding out. I've put it on my list anyway - and will check in with Unity about it asap.
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