• Helicopter not Hard enough????
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I use to be scared of the heli. We all used to be. Now we build heli towers and fight it for fun. I was thinking about ways to improve the difficulty of the heli and one idea was to have it become much more aggressive. For example, maybe a random targeting system which makes the heli go shoot at bases higher then 6 or 7 floors. Now for you clans or big groups you might not like this but for the small time players I think it could help alot by keeping clan bases smaller and them not being able to conquer 3 grid squares loll. Another idea is maybe where ever the heli is , if there are explosions then the heli would fly to where it last heard the explosion. This could be used as a inconvenience for raiders out raiding but also as a distraction tool to take aggro. Like say your buddies got caught out farming or w.e and the heli engages them then u could throw a satchel or beancan to draw its attention from a couple grid squares away. Idk just some ideas Now there would also be risk/reward also , heli towers would still be a thing to draw in the heli and then the clan or w.e can take it down and get loot or clans and what not can still build big but run the risk of being targeted by heli while offline. One thing I'm sure of is the heli is now just something that makes you stop roaming for a lil bit until it goes away. No one is scared of heli anymore. But I wanna hear y'alls ideas of making the heli harder or if u think the heli is already hard enough
I do agree that it can be really easy, especially if you have a group. I think more weapons systems may be a better idea. However, no rocket/napalm spam.
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