• Help me understand I just don't get it (Procedural Map Changes)
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I'm hoping someone can explain what exactly is going on with current procedural map thinking, as I really don't understand the direction facepunch are taking with this at the moment. Over recent months we saw changes to the maps that made real sense to me, with the introduction of Bradley, and the future desire to have him roaming the maps road system, roads were changed to flow more naturally from one monument to the other, this in turn supported the impending addition of vehicles into the game, and how they held up over diverse types of terrain, so far so good, all making sense. Then the addition of the new blue print system came in, again with the road system in place this meant roads around all parts of the map for players to find items etc. again this makes sense, the map size increase back to 4000 meant roads were longer and worked so much better around the map, and all appeared to be going in the right direction, and I was really looking forward to seeing Bradley trundling down roads, taking out buildings built too close to roads, then out of the blue Update/Devblog 184 came along and from what I can see completely screwed up months of work. Now no matter what seed I’ve seen or server I visit none of the above work, large monuments tend to be clustered around the centre of the map, we no longer see all the main monuments, I've been on maps now that don't even have a launch site or military tunnels so you stand no chance of finding an elite crate, roads are squished up into one side of the map or another, and you now have vast areas of the maps that have nothing in them at all, not one single monument of any size/tier. How can this be seen as progression when it breaks everything you have been telling us is the way forward for you, I really like the idea of spawning in areas, and having to travel to find "The good stuff" but all that is currently happening is you are forcing your players to populate smaller and smaller parts of the map, congregating them in areas, and then leaving vast areas of the map practically uninhabitable as there are no components/barrels/boxes for anyone to use. Please can someone help this player (not a spotty young kid with more money than sense) understand the direction Facepunch are taking on this, in the hope that I can work through any potential teething problems this "Plan" may be experiencing and then hopefully I can continue to enjoy what up until now I thought was one of the best games I have ever played in almost 40 years of gaming. Thanks Guys
A well written concern I share. Nice to see more people my age enjoying this game.
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