• New Heli Levels idea!
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So lets say a clan on a server manages to take down the heli quite early in the wipe. They have lots of raiding tool and can easiliy rain most of the bases on the server. How about different heli tiers. For example one like the one we have in the game now can be tier 1 and there can be a harder heli to take down that has a different sound so you know what the heli is. The Helis could have more health , damage and cool abilitys the higher tier they get. Most likely this wont appear in rust but I think it Is a great idea and could be a future implement.
just NOOOO
I think that the heli need to be more smart, but that is a good idea to the tank, cuz if a clan rush some airdrops, take 2 c4 and start to craft a lot, they always will destroy the tank without challenge n more chances to get high tier gear than small groups ou solo players
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