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Hello everyone, i have two things to say for the game (and i hope someone of the facepunch will read this post ) 1- i have hear so many people (me too) having a medium-low end pc and we have low fps so in my opinion improving the performance of the game will approach more people at the game because is frustrating a drop of fps when you are during a fight or when you are at the launch site or wherever, and with more people around it will be more funny and chaotic. 2- in my opinion i don't like BluePrints and i ve never hear someone say "i like BP". Large groups are advantaged more the normal system because small groups have a lot of disadvantage(if you manage to survive alone, many people will be encouraged to play on their own rather than set aside the game because friends do not play) but the idea of the workbenches is great, you can keep them in game with more cost of resources so not everyone can create everything from the start (es. Workbench lvl 1 cost: wood:3000 frags:300 scrap:150 [or something like that] in this way it cost more but you need time to reach the resources to build this and the others workbenches). I hope i m not the only one who thinks this. (I really appreciate your work on the game! ) bye!
There are some excellent experimental changes in today's patch. You should give it a week and see what you think. The development blog that re-introduced blueprints made it very clear there's more to be learned and tweaks to come. It takes time and data samples to make smart, data driven decisions. Trust me, you don't want a game developer, let alone any developer of software, making hip shot decisions on the fly. This is better for all of us.
I can go beyond the BluePrints I still enjoy the game, but the game need a entire month of optimization patches all in order to make the game more fluid and accessible to everyone (more players more money for facepunch more cash to invest in the others things)
I have always just tired to adjust to whatever takes change. Been playing this a long time guys and I have literally been through it all. For me now, it's the scrap grind
the only thing I really hope is that they improve performance and I hope some of the developers read it and listen to me because the "complaints" in this regard anyway they all have it all
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