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Dear Garry, I've been playing this game since 3 years, You've made me asian and it was ok, Then you made me a female and i was kinda ok with it, Then you made me a bald freak and i was ok with it too, But now you made me a bloody black female and this is it i have had enough of this, I am a white male, Make me one or i will sue you mate, I will refund this game and sue your company for stealing people's money and giving them bad stuff in return, I can't play this game anymore, A black character in this game looks as ugly as a real nigger, Everytime i look in the inventory i just want to choke on something, Also mate you need to optimize the game a bit more cause i just bought the best computer a human can afford and it still lags and glitches, Like really mate ?!?!? Good Luck Making The Game Better And Making Me White Again LOL ! ! !
Loving this emote voting <3 Greeting from Poland.
Radiations are not good for hair.
Not sure what you're on about dude, Im running fine on an I5 and GTX 960. U do know you can change your Graphic settings right?
Will wait for the Building 3.0 ^-^ Someday Rust become the best survival and communication game \(^_^)/
Albert, I'm glad you don't feel like playing anymore. No need for anymore racist kids in the game. I would vote for making your char permanent if I could, just so you can shut up and stop being a toxic kid. Best regards, Pce
Thanks for the haircut with bulb!!!
Hi, can you maybe set Gender change in me base there are 5 players Male im the only one Female and they kidding with me , and im so nervous about that xD IF you change that its Will be better for everyone .. Thanks..
Heyy, first of all I like the new voting system, but it would be nice if you can also react to single posts in the devblog (e.g. after Building 3.0) to see what directions are welcomed
second, building 3.0 seems to be promising, but i would also like new structures like different triangels and it would be really nice if you could build a foundation on top of a wall or a wall under a foundation. This would make building on mountains easier and you would not have to search for a flat area. For this also other half height building objects (like stairs) would be nice.
I would rather it be an option everyone has access to instead of buying it
"Update building ID when splitting/joining buildings" So when a block gets destroyed the Build radius is updated to match the change? "Building privilege is emitted by building blocks instead of radius around cupboard." This makes hiding the TC a lot easier, now that you can have it anywhere in the base. "Require (or potentially enforce) only one cupboard per building. " Upkeep (buildings use up resources before they start to decay) So, when a section of a TC'ed base gets damaged, the available resources get used to fix that part automatically. But if the building part is not attached(wall stacking), it won't be considered a part of the protected base? does the build radius still prevent you from placing down a TC? "Explore adding half height walls for more building options" Would be nice If the Stone rails could be placed inside Wall frames.
It's going to destroy the Building Meta. based on how it sounds. the pontenial things the Devs could do is make the TC protect bases from greif using a building Radius. Then using the new mechanic that keeps track of what is connected to the base, the Devs could make only the attached parts get repaired, leaving the Wall stacking to decay away.
i don t know why i can t update my game i can t even join the servers
These updates are so good. I still think this is easily the best $20 I've spent on a game. I burnt out in 2014, and again at the beginning of 2016, but here I am again, getting sucked back in, and even after a few months, there are so many things that change and I love it. Really Facepunch, I admire the hell out of these updates, even when you get things wrong because I've seen many times where y'all miss the mark, admit it, and fix it, and now, finally, after years of anticipation, my character finally has pubes. I'm a real man now =D
Thank you, FacePunch, for standing firm on the gender/race/character customization front! I love that a bunch of racist mysogynists get all butthurt about being a black woman in game <3 Seriously, please never change that!
I have a question, I am administrator of rust server and last night I made a restart and when I returned the server I do not keep a map, I know another administrator from another country that happened to him exactly the same, after a restart his server went back hours, someone knows that Can it be past?
Am I the only one who's experience sudden huge FPS drops since the update?
Great update! I think that the workbench experimentation feature was much needed!
Hi, If your computer isn't "high tier" I recommend switching the new config they made default (Anti-alliasing, sorry if that's misspelled too lazy to check) back to OFF. It has been put on "maxed out" by default because of hairs' quality.
Was there a wipe ?
Right now, there was a rollback because of a forced update. Officials will have their wipes mentioned in the devblogs normally (BP ones, that is) If it's not an official, the server owners can wow whenever they want.
I'm going to keep posting this every patch till its fixed. Fix the bears from hitting though shit. every time this happens I skip a week of playing and how damn hard is it really. Constantly getting killed by bears. This time it was though a wall. Over it.
Still hate new craft system
How can I do that?
Go in-game, press Esc to bring up the pause menu, click the gear, go to Graphics, spot the anti-aliasing option (3rd from top), click the left arrow until you're satisfied.
QQ. Recently i was played a Rust with my friend and we got the idea... Add a mini game with a tree for example- beetles running along the trunk of a tree, drops drip from the trunk of a tree (tree sap).
big whoop about this update it didn't show us any cars yet.
All im trying to do here is look like myself. im not trying to look like an Asian lady with hair that me, a dude, would have. my playtime in this game has drastically decreased in the past year due to one reason, when i play games, i like to think of myself in the game that i am playing. so when im playing as an Asian chick with short hair, it really makes me want to play less. i really dont understand why you guys dont make a character creation menu so people like me can enjoy the game 100x more. ive bought the game 3 different times to try and be satisfied with a player that i will enjoy to play as, and not one time was i happy with what i got. i understand, "well, in real life, you dont get to choose" but for f*** sake, let a guy who pays money for a game he has loved for years choose what hes gonna look like.
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