• A few improvements from a new player
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In game craftable watch and a clock for the base that is synced to the server time? I'm not sure if that can work. Better animations for guns so they reload the correct bullets and reload the right amount of bullets. Advanced bullet mechanics to shoot through wood? An old water cooled machine gun emplacement that can be setup for base defence and raids. A better BBq that doesn't burn your food so quick. Better textures for trees? That's all I can think of right now.
Hi, Look out the window, there's a serverwide clock always available for everyone; the sun and moon. Sure that would be nice but might be quite a bit tricky, because the server would have to keep track of every gun's "inventory" and change the function used depending on it. But yea I like it. 5.56 bullets already penetrate trees and twig. Machine gun: an OK idea BBQ: 3 wood=cook 1 food. Everything can be done in batch of 6 wood, with the exception of bear meat which can only be cooked 3 wood at a time or it will burn. Do you have your graphics turned all the way up? If not, the better textures are there. Hope that answered some of your concerns :P
I do have my graphics all the way up. I think im just spolied of trees from skyrim with 4k textures haha. these not concerns just suggestions to make the game as good as it can be going forward till full release. I'll just keep editing with new stuff as i play and see if anything is good enough to be added or it probably is already planed looking at the road map. Thx an great game btw ; )
Well yes, you'll never get Skyrim level textures in Rust, mainly because of the performance issues this would cause, but I understand that feeling going from a single player game where there are write candy everywhere to Rust' simplified style.😂
Just a small bump lol
Sadly you can't bump your own posts anymore D: they made it that if you add something and you were the last one posting it'll simply add an edit.
Oh well, thanks for the bump
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