• Upgrade Workbench instead of making a new one
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For one, I love the new BP system. One thing I like a little less is that we have to make a complete new workbench to craft the new tier. I'd rather upgrade the old one so my base doesn't fill up with workbenches that I don't use.
With the new addition of experiments it now makes sense to keep the old workbenches. Unless they change the whole system again, you should have space for all 3 in your base. Plus, it's really easy to fit all 3 workbenches in a 1x1; so they don't really take that much space. Pce
Well, "the whole system again" is a little bit exaggerate. But you could have it so that a WB lv 1 experiment generates 100% lv 1 BP, a WB lv 2 has 25% lv 2 BP and 75% lv 1 BP etc. . . something like that. They just added experimentation and are still seeking what the best implementation should be so nothing is final anyway. I just think upgrading a WB makes more sense. Or you should be able to pick them up (don't think that can be done right now?)
Making it % based would defeat the purpose of the experimentations which are supposed to be you experiment on a T3 you get a T3 item, but yea, picking them up might be something they end up doing.
you could also get better items the more scrap you use... then you do only need one workbench
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