• More base defense ideas??
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I've only had the game for a short bit now, but I've noticed it isn't all that easy to build and keep a base for a long time as a solo, especially if a larger group with excessive resources decides that want to break in and destroy all your hard work. Raiders definitely get the advantage there for sure. Even if you go to extreme lengths to protect your base in any possible way, if they have the time and money they can certainly get into even the most protected bases by making a lot of explosives. There should be some more effective options for base defense, especially against offline raids. 1] Road map says they will eventually be introducing electricity and wires. Give us some kind of electric base traps, wall or floor mounted, that can maybe disable hand-placed explosives. Possible allow us to electrify our metal base walls? 2] Maybe a new material between wood and stone that prevents the attachment of raid ladders? Or even add a second level to hammer upgrades per materials, if not a new material all together. I'M sure we could think of other ideas, so why don't we try? There needs to he some kind of balance between casual players that might not have excessive amount of time to spend 8+ hours a day online to ensure the grinding they've done with whatever spare time they have, isn't wasted. It can sure be frustrated to spend 4 or so hours a day to grind out a base and collect items/materials, only to long in the next day and find all that work wasted due to an offline raid.
I like the idea of new traps but have no ideas myself . Your first point is good. Electricity would be really nice; also for base defense. But in the second point I cant agree. There are enough materials and blocking ladders by a new one i not the right direction. Maybe there should be an expensive way of blocking ladders. (an item that you can put onto your wall so they cannot build up?).
In Rust you are taught that you are the best defense against raiders, and not your base, but I do agree that there should be more ways to stop offline raids. The devs were planning on some sort of notification system to let you know if you were being raided. Maybe youd have to build an alarm system in your base to let it notify you if you were being raided
That, or tier ladders toward materials. Wood/stone/metal ladders, each increasing in material cost. Perhaps restrict ladder placement to it's specific material type.
but what if you are not at home and get the notification "you are getting raided"?
Spiked overhangs you can attach to the edge of a Floor Frame would make for good base defense.
I think you forget that what a solo player can obtain, a group can obtain faster. They can also make better use of this trap, they can craft it quicker, they can do an array of stuff with it that will prove a challenge for yourself. There will be balancing to make the cost reletively high, and electricity will be an end game thing for sure. Some wall mounted or electrified wall will probably require a day or 2 of grinding before you even get near to obtaining it, and others will probably have it already. Apart from this (electricity) some wall mounted/ floor mounted traps such as the ones seen in Fortnite could be a great introduction to diverse bases. They plan on making caves full of traps, puzzles and more to make them more intricate, no reason why they can't be in bases too.
I sometimes noticed that raiders mostly touch large houses. Small houses remain untouched.
The problem with that is that if you confine yourself to a small house you're automatically denying yourself the potential to build a huge awesome fortress.
A small house is as one of clever strategy. I'm never confine myself to a small house, but developers should expand the anti-raid functions, because without this the game is looked like linear.
Well Rust is mainly a game for clans and small groups, and if you can't dedicate time to the game, then its an unfortunate turn of events. If you're really concerned, the absolute best thing to do is just hide your loot in a smaller base nearby. If you really wanted to, you could put a door on a 1x1 and put a chest in it with all your high quality loot. Nobody ever expects that.
I think it would be sweet if you could have an electric control panel for doors that could be mounted on a wall near the door.. Maybe 'motion detected' for those unauthorized. Coupled with something like double-door type hatch that could be put on a floor/ceiling, so we could have 'pitfall' type traps that would auto-open and drop raiders into traps.
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