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Hello, I have been playing this game for quite some time. I rarely comment on the forums but I wanted to add my two cents. The update's experiment in workbench concept is a bit much, it makes it too easy to grind out recipes. It makes it too easy for people to get tier three items, I do not think this is the answer to making progression more accessible to small group playing. The best thing about RUST is not knowing what kind of weapons or armour you may run into. I actually like not knowing if someone around the corner will have better gear or worse gear than me. The experimentation update makes things too accessible. Would like to see some changes made to handicap massive groups a bit, may be a sickness of hygenie debuff
Also if you can experiment you dont need to leave your base that often. There should always be thomething that forces you to run over the map in different directions to meet/fight new players.
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