• Ability to reset the character
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Have you seen the faces of the characters? Have at least a chance to drop them. Can you make this an opportunity?
I like my chinese bald woman, but i think they should change this random creation n put a "one time" cration tool n u never can change again
i'm a bald asian dude with a giant schlong, i'm happy with what rust god gave me
And 'God of Rust' gave me a woman with a crooked belly and a face like an ass
it's okay, son, this is likely your time to learn how to be appreciative of what you've been given. you may have a face like an ass, but at least you don't have an ass like a face!
The new update changed my race and dick size. I was a black man with a small dick. Now im a white guy with a big dick. I find this odd that I got such a drastic change (since its claimed your character is linked to Steam ID) in the new update. Has anyone else experienced similar?
All I really want is an optional character randomizer every wipe. If you're happy with your character you don't have too, if you're not you can change.
Every global wipe.All the same, I hope that the developers pay attention to this
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