• Scrap Heapes
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Heres an idea I have. There are a lot of players that think that the BP system is way too grindy. I think it is a little too grindy myself, which is why I have come up with this idea. A new node called a Scrap Heap. You can mine it using the salvaged hammer for more scrap or with just a pickaxe ( It would make the salvaged hammer actually useful). I think this would be a pretty good idea to make grinding for scrap a little less hard and make scrap a bit more plentiful. Reply with pros and cons to this along with more suggestion to add on to this idea.
I like this idea, maybe sometime make them spawn instead of component piles next to roads. That wouldn't create anything much different other than reducing recycling time and would give a purpose to the salvaged hammer, like you said! Great idea.
i also like this idea but it has to be little realistic: mine a 'scrap ore' doesent sound well... maybe you could farm repawning structures in radtowns?
I like this idea also. Wouldn't have to be 'Scrap ore', you just collect scrap per hit like breaking a barrel. Or maybe allow and option to turn metal ore into scraps, instead of just fragments. Or allow so many fragments to be turned into scrap.
Maybe we can destroy the cars and trucks or thats weirds things of metal who has around the road like the pieces of metal we mine from the tank
they said something earlier this year, before adding the component system, about filling the monuments with trash and collectibles instead of barrels and crates. i don't know the exact post but it sounded fun (and it also had pictures). i think that would fix the scrap problem.
That's a good idea
Well it wouldn't exactly be an ore. It would be like a pile of scrap you could hit and dismantle and collect scrap.
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