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Garry,pls.... I was banned in rust(my pc was banned) I dont what play with cheats now.... Rust is my fauvorite game..
so does that explain why Aust 2 server is missing/down ???
facepunch has more "fucked it up" on the list....this is ridiculous!
We have to be happy for someone who is doing some decent game today <3 continue the good work *Hugs*
Not a big deal really. I appreciate the amount of effort that is put into this game every week and it has provided me with many hours of entertainment. I am sure you will get it sorted out. Keep up the outstanding work! Stay positive.
Guys, please, remove central pillar in house building. I love to build large bases and military outpost for a large amount of people and I hate central pillar. It doesn't let me build good bases.
I want some help for UK Barren.Because everytıme server goıng down or roll back.The last roll back was soo bad because we went 1 day ago.Now a lot of people lost alot of stuff.If you are doıng somethıng lıke that,next time wipe the all servers or save ıt trustly.
A slight hiccup is nothing to worry bout . True RUSTers appreciate all the devs hard work. Keep it up guys!
The server I was playing rolled back twice and I lost like 18 hours of work overall haha But the rust gives and the rust takes. So my only question to you is, should we just stop playing until the problem is resolved? Because I don't want to lose everything a third time. Or if I ask the admin to manually save the server occasionally will that fix it?
What the fuck did you do with this game?????? It is lagging as shit !!!! This update is shit!
I would suggest a 2 week update schedule. I completely agree with you guys and I am tired of getting unfinished and unbalanced things getting added all the time. We would all rather see you guys improve on the update and get a good, balanced update out every 2 weeks than these random and unbalanced weekly updates. It seems now the only good updates are force wipes and only occasionally a non-force wipe update.
(21:24:15) | Saved 63,355 ents, serialization(0.01), write(0.04), disk(0.44) totalstall(0.08).(21:24:15) | CONTACT DEVELOPERS! LootContainer::PopulateLoot has null inventory!!!(21:24:15) | Saving complete
Meh, don't play this game then... This is early access. They are testing new stuff and receiving a feedback from community, that's it. I am not satisfied with some changes, too, but i understand that i bought a game which is still unfinished, so i have only two choices: keep playing this game, or just delete it and go to play Minecraft. The only real problem of "one update per week" schedule is recent issues like this one, or when all trees and stones around caves went into the space. They need to hire more peoples who are going to test all new changes, so they could keep current schedule and do not make a "Post-Mortem" for every devblog. I still really appreciate how devs working hard on these updates, even though with some dumb troubles. They just need more tests before releasing a new update.
This roll back cost me more than 20 hours, my base was not upgraded and i wa slooted like 50hours worth of grafting!
Shit happens Helk! But thanks for the effort... Do what you have to do!
To the devs: Can you delay the saving process for when this process happens? Or is the saving code a little jank for this kind of thing?
I actually didn't feel this was such a big deal. Good for the update. Maybe think about doing 2 week updates at the least. If it means better quality shit then why not?
again ? 5 years company and again suck patch... hmmm. out of early acces ? funny
Just another day in rust #2017
Also with thanksgiving coming! i would like turkeys instead of chickens! Thank you! - rust player
Maybe santa can bring me a bigger Cock? Not to be needy or anything. Yeahh that would be great!! So Lewd!
Do not listen to all that no-life kids being mad because their plans have to change. There is no other game in EA that runs as good as rust. And mostly they forget they are the ones playing an early acces game. Sometimes things break, skipping a night is more than we can ask! After 3 years of playing, more than 3500 hours, I can say this is the best dev-team ever! Rust rarely has this type of problems, and when it has, you fix it even faster as any other game would do, not speaking about how many bugs other games has compairing to rust! Please Helk, do not get insecure by these kids, just keep on your good work! Maybe there is to much work that needs to be done before 2018 hits, but please man, listening to much to the community will not help you with getting that done. Sometimes you just need to think: "Things can break in Early acces, they have to accept that". This is the first big problem in 1-2 years, and it even does not broke the game on most servers. We can still play like we used to. The (under-aged) kids complaining are mostly playing on weekly wiped servers, thats their choice! If every server should wipe monthly, you would get less shit for sure!
If I was a child murderer, and told you that I won't do it anymore, would you believe me? Every choice in life has consequences, just accept that you F'ed up, and that the community does not want lazy cheating f**ktards like you
is there any way to fix node sparkles without nodes showing up? Also, recyclers are missing on airfield and satalite on my server.
were's the update we expecting geez
Hey man it's all good. We all knew what we were getting into with a game in development. I personally don't mind these minor inconveniences, it adds a sort of ownership in the development of the game. Experiencing and participating in the growth of a game in itself is rewarding. Thanks After all, it is just a game.
Agreed! This is exactly how i feel. Glad to see there is some reasonable people where.
Thank god you rolled back that trash update. Please do some stress testing to fix the horrible performance that came with it so that you dont ruin the game again with the next one. The last update ruined my game performance so bad that i couldnt play- i had to uninstall rust and give up on it. Please dont release update without fixing performance with it
When I’ll could lie in the game?
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