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Dont fret guys. Shit happens. We had 30 on our server when it got rolled back. People bitched then we did a poll and wiped. Now got 60+ consistently. If people really care about losing 18 hours of ‘work’ then why play a game where that can get taken away in an instant anyhow? Love the devs. Love rust
While the rollback really sucks, considering my group is out for the wipe after making 12 rockets and getting over 40k charcoal outside of that, then we got griefed after the rollback. While the rollback really sucks, it was necessary, and I thank you for taking the action. Our server didn't have issues, but having looked on reddit about it, I can see how bad it was. Thank you for taking the time to fix this and helping us. If I have to say anything, warn people about potential rollbacks a couple hours beforehand so they know to prepare or stop. I think this would have been more well received with a warning a few hours before. Just a tip for the future. Keep up the good work.
I want Character Customization. Please, I don't want to be an Asian female. FeelsGoodMan
Драствуйте вы делаете игру и спасибо вам за ето но после последнего обновления 185 девблога игра начала лагать и фризить я незнаю что вы там поменяли или за волос но играть невозможно фпс упал в 1,5 раз я купил видеокарту играл 2 месяца 60+ стабильно а сейчяс зделал даже маленький екран все выкрутил на минимум и 23-50 с лагами фризами и в инвентаре фпс стал 23-32 я незнаю возможно потомучто что у меня 6 гиг оперативной памяти но у моего друга 8 и унего тоже стало лагать пожалуста зделайте что нибуть я всегда говорю всем какой раст бы небыл он харошая игра и скажите мне тех кто выпускает обновления раз в неделю ответ только вы спасибо Facepunch Studios
the update sucks every server i play on now has lag spikes the worst it has ever been. stop messing with the game it was ok before the first twig update. now its to much of a grind and not fun anymore.
the update sucks every server i play on now has lag spikes the worst it has ever been. stop messing with the game it was ok before the first twig update. now its to much of a grind and not fun anymore.
What are you, 12? This was immature, rude and stupid.
I wouldn't end the weekly updates, that's what keeps the playerbase stable. If you end updates like some other survival games did (Conan Exiles for example super hyped, took months for an update, playerbase went from 50k daily to 700.) Bring XP back doe.
The new update changed my race and dick size. I was a black man with a small dick. Now im a white guy with a big dick. I find this odd that I got such a drastic change (since its claimed your character is linked to Steam ID) in the new update. Has anyone else experienced similar?
I'm a software engineer for a living and I've been playing this game for about a year now (> 1000 hours); I recognize the effort the devs put into this, from a software engineering point of view it is almost unbelievable how much has been done in just a year. People should stop whining about this, it is "early access" for a reason! This game is awesome and one buggy/retracted update is not going to change that!
Thanks for this. I've played Rust since release and owned servers since May... yes, the game-breaking updates (which are coming more frequently) are frustrating. More because the average player doesn't understand what's happening. But I've noticed Facepunch is being more transparent during bugs lately and faster to speak up which is saving me a lot of headaches and embarrassment. I really like the idea of not doing an update every week or at least not a massive untested one. Maybe in the past when things were moving at a slower pace it was fine, but we're picking up momentum right now and want to retain any new players we can get while everything is shiny and new...right? Before I get too long-winded about it I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to explain things to me/us, and for all your hard work. I try to keep my feelings/opinions to myself and respect what you're doing because I understand it's not black and white. I encourage other players to do the same too because at the end of the day, right or wrong, the game I love is in your hands. So whatever you do about updates/to the game, I'll be here minding my own damn business! Thanks, dudes. It's been a fun few years and can't wait to see where we can go. Mango (Dharma 3X & Dharma Banilla)
weekly updates are good, but please test them a week on a testserver to see if they are working...
yes i did, but i think change isnt bad...
Good on you guys for admitting your fuck up and fixing it quick. A lot of devs dont have the balls or common decency to do that.
Hey there Devs! First off, I want to congratulate you on the work you did with implementing hair and it probably was quite the struggle to get TSSAA working and what not. However in Post Mortem for Devblog 185 you should have addressed the amounts of lag and ram usage that the hair has brought in. Also, there is a strange ghosting figure behind my character in inventory now. Anything that causes this? Also, enjoy the game very much and have gotten my 20 dollars worth by far but please fix the hair performance, I dropped to 30 FPS from my average 120 before with 8 GBs of ram.
No worries! Keep up the great game development/community work up
It's okay! c:
Maurino Berry you should eat less spaghetti and concentrate more on programming. But anyway "To cook an egg, to make a bed for a dog, and to teach an Italian to do anything are three hard things"
i love the one week updates, they give me something to look forward to! (need more clothing slots!)
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