• A weapon idea
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First of all hello, I think I have an interessenet idea to develop in rust. A new weapon that will give the game a different approach, a French Famas able to shoot in circles (3 balls). A powerful weapon capable of killing a man in 2 bursts (all the balls hit) Or of course, but I think that a rifle would be really interesting, and the Famas is an emblematic weapon. After a millet weapon found in drops or in the helicopter or a working weapon, I'm not sure of that. Idea to develop.
circles fire whit 3 bullets woll be great
Give us a rifle type that isn't just an AK, for sure. (Also change AK ammo type. AK-47's typically fire 762x39 rounds, not 5.56) 3-burst Famas would be a decent alternative. I would say avoid the stereotypical AK/M4 trope that comes along with most FPS games. I like the idea of deployable/mountable machine guns, myself. Let us drop down some kind of crank-fired .22 chain gun. Not a lot of damage, but spit bullets. (Or maybe just alloe us to use the auto-turrets manually.)
i think rust has enough weapons and doesnt need a damas, but the idea of a mountable gun sounds good
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