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Stop adding shit ..optimizate..
They optimized a lot in the past few weeks. Did you turn off anti aliasing after the latest patch? It was set to TSSAA (maxed out) by default.
yes,my game keep crashing a lot after this update
That was the major change they added this patch. If you're running everything on potato level, I don't have any more ideas than the fact that you might have to upgrade your PC at some point. Sorry, past this point I don't know.
ok.. but this update made my game to crash...idk what to do
How much RAM do you have? From what I've seen in my time playing, random game crashes usually happen when your computer tops off it's ram usage. Main processes then begin to slow down and then rust crashes.
8 gb ram.
i had this ram problem but was solved ..its not really a crash ..i got this error:rust dosen't respond or something like that
This MIGHT be your problem, I'm not a specialist, I don't know the rest of your specs, but what I do know is this: When running, MY rust usually ends up using more than 6GB of Ram. So if you have pretty much anything else in the background and rust is using 6GB on your machine as well, what I've mentionned earlier might be what's happening to you; your Ram usage hits the cap, the computer does'nt react well which makes Rust crash.
Idk what to say..game worked so good before this update
Should i downgrade to windows 7?
This^^^^ Not an expert again. But this is EXACTLY, what I've seen whenever either memory usage, or CPU usage hit 100%.
What are you running? Windows 8?
I run on a potato, basically. My graphic settings are the lowest they can possible be through the in-game settings. At first I was running at 10-15 fps, barely playable when it came to collecting/building. Completely unplayable in the pvp sense. I DID manage to tweak my shitty computer and now I run it at 20+ with the occasional dip below 20. But much more playable than it was. Here is what I did to make the game run better for me. -I set my native display resolution to 1024x768, which only allows me to launch the game at 800x600. I use windowed mode. -Use launch command line to -force-d3d11 -Open up task manager (ctrl+alt+delete) with the game running and then click the details tab, find the rust program and the right click the icon and set priority to High -console command ingame: graphics.shadowmode 0 I run at a solid 21-25 fps now, with a small dip here and there.. But MUUUCH more playable in the pvp aspect. At least I can attempt to defend myself, Unliie before when I would lag to shit. Some effects still kill my fps (Like when shotguns get fired, I take a little hit.) I was extremely afrqid that the hair update was going to kill my game, but I haven't touched TSSAA at all and I didn't notice any fps drop at all after the update myself. Maybe I just got lucky there.
Im running on win 10 ,the game crash only when i loot people or something.. or open inventory(rare).
I also have when I open inventory Windows 10 Gtx 1050 ti I5 4.2ghz 12 gb
The main cause of lag whenever you open you inventory/grab stuff from a container/body is the fact that the game has to instantly update every single craftable receips you have, load the icons, make them appear in the right order, make them clickable, move your inventory HUD around them, etc. As for running Win 10, if your machine is not high tier, this might indeed be a problem for running Rust. If you have a way to downgrade to windows 7, I would personnally recommend it. There's no telling if that's going to be enough to fix your problem, but it should help.
As far as I see, running on potato should'nt be an issue for you here. Maybe your ISP (internet service provider) isn't the best and it "lags" out? If you've got a good connection, I'm sorry I can't help you as I don't know what might be the issue after that. P.S. Did you try running a malware check? There might be something on your computer.
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