• Please implement a single-space door between Sheet and Armored.
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TL;DR AT BOTTOM!!!! In the past, before the second coming of Blueprints, I would always focus on the immediate acquisition of an Armored Door. I absolutely loathe being forced to make multiple air-locks of Sheet metal doors, because it both limits space in the base (Which is a valued thing, what-with Research Tables, Chests, Workbenches, Furnaces, etc), and creates an inconvenience to enter-or-leave. There are no easy "Quick" ways to get in an out of a base anymore; ladder-hatch double jumps aren't useful, and I haven't even found a Ladder Hatch since these new BP's regardless. Sheet metal doors just don't provide adequate protection. I can easily add a second layer of stone walls, and two stone walls is 20 satchel charges, but even if I have four sheet metal doors, that's only 16 satchels! Regardless if I make "Tunnels" out of triangle foundations for more airlock/door spaces or if I try to make a "Bigger" base, I'm always consuming more resources than is going into my defense. I've -never- made a Tier 3 Workbench (I'm primarily a solo player, and not *very* good at that), but regardless, I haven't even found an Armored Door. We really need a T1/T2 door level that's at least twice as strong as Sheet Metal, but weaker than the Armored. At the very least, there should be a Door as strong as a Stone Wall (10 Satchels). I.E: Wooden Door: 2 Satchels Sheet Metal Door: 4 Satchels Stone Wall: 10 Satchels New Door (Reinforced?): 10 Satchels Armored Door = 12 Satchels The benefits of an Armored Door is, of course, the extra strength and the hatch to open up and view outside, which this "New" door won't have. It'll simply be a means of having LESS doors, so smaller, smarter bases are still viable without getting absolutely shredded. The cost is, of course, completely up to Facepunch, but I was thinking something along the lines of: 300x Metal Fragments 1x Sheet Metal (The component) 1x Gears This shouldn't be particularly hard, but not the easiest to acquire. Right now in Rust, by day two or three I can have 200-300 High-Quality Metal and stacks of gears, but I can't make anything with them! Armored doors I haven't found, and gun boxes (i.e on top of the Dome) just give me bullshit like prison cell gates and more HQM. Anyways, if this would interest you, please give your opinion below. Thank you for reading! --------------------------------------------------- TL;DR Version: Armored doors are too hard to acquire, and Sheet doors require too many in a base for adequate protection. A new single-level door between Sheet and Armored would be great.
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I agree, i think we just dont need a new kind of door but a easier way to get the armored door or make the sheet metal with more resistance, cuz nowadays if u found 2 satchel u is able to raid any base on server without challenge ( if the owner of base is offline)
A stone door could be implemented, perhaps buff the sheet metal door to be stronger, and add in a stone door? That could be cool.
I agree a 3 tier door system would be good, and I would also like to see an armoured door take 3 c4 to destroy it the same as an armoured wall, otherwise whats the point of armouring walls at all?
Good thinking. Armored walls are truly useless, I've never seen the point of them.
Umm they did this, its called the Garage door, it is 600 health vs. the Armored door that's 800. I use them exclusively now, and they are a great deterrent when i go raiding with a small satchel amount. Course the slow open/close is a drawback but i dont mind that too much.
Thank you, Gage. Heavenly words.
Umm it is a single space door, it takes the same room as a Sheetmetal door, not sure WTF else you want, just because you place it in a doorframe instead of a small sheetmetal doorframe does not mean it does not take up the exact same space.
That's still a double door by technicality, not a single door. There's a difference.
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