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Hello everyone, especially any devs passing by I've been an admin for just about a year now and whenever I go to spectate someone accused of hacking, it still bothers me why there's isn't a realist/1st person UI option when in spectate mode. Something where would basically see whatever the user sees. With the hotbar, the inventory when opened, vision changes when aiming down sight, etc. It might be a big stress on the server to keep this "live" vision whenever in first person. So keeping the current 1st person spectating as default and enabling a "special" spectate mode only accessible via a command specifically designed to enter this mode (something like spectate.live "steamID") would probably make more sense than just scrapping the old one. Any thoughts, ideas, reasons why this might not be possible? All answers are welcome
Keeping it fresh.
I think quite a few people have requested this, and it would be a really nice thing to add.
I feel like I work at subway now. Always Fresh.
Would be a nice feature.
Would be nice, at the same time.. Isnt spectating something that could be used to group advantage? Someone spectating and giving details to a group wouldn't be a great thing.
No Man, only Admins would be spectating and not any player.
Only the admins on a server have the possibility to spectate. If they wanted to "cheat" they could even record a demo of the whole map and look in every chest they wanted to, look at the layout of bases, etc. That's the main reason you do NOT want admins to be playing on a server The whole point here would be, if you could have a HUD view of players, you could catch people snapping to someone's head, following people through walls, speed hacking, speed gathering, cooldown abusing, instant building and much more; soooooooooo much easier. I really wish there was a way to "put the light on a post" everyone thinks is a great idea . I guess keeping it fresh and relevant is bound to help!
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I need a new suspension after all those bumps
More tools for admins that do not abuse them is great. Course you hear about tons of asshats who abuse admin tools, so there is that.
Ofc, but this tool wouldn't be of any more use to abusing admins, they can already spawn stuff, be invisible, not killable, fly through everything, ban people they're fighting, etc. The addition of this tool would only benefit admins that actually try and catch hackers
I'm not pumping this thread and will never do it!
Determining whether someone is hacking is often a huge time sink for me. It's one of the worst aspects right now running a RUST server. I dig through a lot of things, as to do my best in not banning someone who's jsut good. server logs active console chat logs spectate the player monitor from debugcam check for VAC bans check for EAC bans run steam User ID searches (this turns up banlists on other servers/site) Use sits like battlemetrics to see player's server history (a player that's been on 29+ servers for instance in the span of a week is beyond fishy.) So..the process is like a giant ass algorithm of experience and random data points...having the 1st player spectating could be useful, but if it's detectable by the hacker, it does little good if they toggle. Also, it doesn't scale very well if you have to spend all your time spectating people to determine if they're running 3rd party programs to gain an advantage. I feel the pain though :|
Thing is, me and the people I admin with are already using this "algorithm" with the help of RA, Battlemetrics and SteamRep. Being able to record a hacker actually "doing his thing" would make this process way quicker, give us examples of what to look for for future references and maybe provide EAC with some ideas as to what to scan for. Neither am I! (Cause I can't anymore because it'll just add an "edit" to the end of my last reply ) Thx btw
I really think a game like this needs a first person spectator mode. It would benefit a lot of people and could also be used by the modding community if they are creative.
Yea I feel like it's really needed, would be amazing to record "the life of a 'server name' player". I'm not bumping this at all
On the server age hardcore#2 play cheaters make anything here are the names triper, Planirowhik, doctor vazelin play with additional software
You will find them everywhere. just report them here. Replying within 24 hours is not bumping.
i guess you're right
Just out of curiosity, will it be difficult to add the first person spectating perspective? I would actually like to hear what the devs has to say about this, it would be interesting to know. If this could go on the roadmap, it would be awesome.
Actually having some kind of plan for it would be really nice. Not now, maybe far away, but having a plan for it. There are even other people starting threads similar to this one!
Too bad the dev's dont really care about the modded community.
this would be a feature for admins on vanilla and modded servers
This has nothing to do with modded community, it's a vanilla game feature that's broken at the moment and could use a rework.
I'll take it as a bump and say thanks! I wonder if devs passed by and just didn't answer or if they didn't see this yet.
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